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A Guide to Mount Buller

As the Southern Hemisphere is still basking in winter and thus enjoying a thrilling ski season, our minds turn towards Australia, which holds some utterly fantastic ski regions. Always known as a hot country to the rest of the world, one can forget that Australia has winters too- just at a different time of year.

Australia is a vast and wild landscape with so many opportunities for adventures of all kinds – winter sports being one of them. The skiable terrains are mostly found in the high country of Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria.

What you might not know is that there is an abundance of gorgeous ski properties on offer in Mount Buller and according to local agents, it’s the perfect time to buy!

We have put together a comprehensive guide to Mount Buller to help you understand the resort and local area as well as its skiing facilities.


If you’ve already read our page about Mount Buller, you’ll know that it’s situated in Victoria, nearly 130 miles east of Melbourne, which is about a three hour drive.

Primarily a resort town, Mount Buller offers over 100km of beautiful slopes to enjoy on skis or a snowboard, with a gorgeous scenic backdrop to boot. The resort itself is very family friendly and the region is stunning, whilst the village is small and friendly, with a cosy alpine feel to it.

It’s a big and popular resort so expect it to be busy in the winter – but if you’re with your family, you’ll find it has some of the best childcare facilities and family friendly services than any other resort in Australia.

Peak season is around June to October, during the colder months. It’s the perfect escape from a blistering hot summer in the northern hemisphere or if you just fancy cooling down on the slopes for a few weeks and basking in utterly stunning mountainous views.

The terrain is steep and underrated – with some believing Mount Buller is a tame resort, but it’s actually home to one of the most dangerous runs in the country, Moonlight Ridge. Attempting this is not advised as it’s considered an out-of-bounds descent. There are signs nearby that state this.

The nearest airport is 217km away so whether you’re flying, driving or taking a coach, there are plenty of options to get to the resort; check out their ‘getting here’ page for more practical information.

The slopes

The elevation ranges between 1,390 and 1,790 meters and the slopes all vary in terms of ability so it’s a great place for beginners and families of course. There are also plenty of more challenging pistes for the more hardcore powder hounds.

The distribution of slopes according to ability is as follows: 25 km of nice and easy slopes for novices to get to grips with, 45km for intermediates and 30km of expert slopes for the experienced skiers.

There are total of 22 lifts, and the cool thing about Mount Buller lifts is the fact that even if you’re travelling with a group who are all at different levels and trying different ability slopes, you may still end up on the same lifts just heading out in different directions at the top. We know at many other resorts, if you’re a beginner, you won’t see your intermediate level friends until you meet in the bar at the end of the day!

Another different - and slightly magical - aspect of Mount Buller is the twilight skiing! You can ski on floodlit slopes (around half a km) until 8.30pm which offers a really enchanting treat if you haven’t had your fill of the powder during the day!

The culture

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by this small village’s bustling nightlife; with around 30 bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from, there is plenty of activity going on of an evening.

Take your pick from this list of places to eat and drink in Mount Buller where you’ll find a wide variety of options to suit all budgets.

Mount Buller is also well known to host massively fun events such as the Pond Skim national championships , sponsored by Corona Extra! And let’s not forget the famous Mount Buller 80s Day. You’ll also find Karaoke going on in loads of the bars, regular art exhibitions and the absolutely legendary Burton Cattleman’s Rail Jam – a snowboarding championship like no other.

The culture of Mount Buller is vibrant and so magnetic, you’ll want to be a part of it as soon as you arrive.  

What about the summer?

The problem with many resorts (though this has definitely been changing over the last decade) is the lack of dual seasonality. The winters are busy and there’s plenty to do but when the sun comes out, the mountains lay silent.

Mount Buller bucks that trend, as there is a thriving summer scene at this resort. They have invested in their summer activities and events to ensure that there is a stream of visitors all year round, so you don’t have to write this resort off as ski-only.

During the summer months, Mount Buller provides a gorgeous summer escape from city life, where you can go mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, sightseeing up the mountain, camping and on spa retreats.

You can enjoy scenic chairlift rides and explore the picturesque forests via one of the four-wheel drive adventure trails. There’s also the alpine museum and plenty of indoor and outdoor pools to relax in or next to.

Check out this list of summer activities to find out everything that you can enjoy during the summer months in Mount Buller.


Time to turn our attention to investing in a home in this magical resort down under. Mount Buller is a really popular holiday destination within easy reach of Melbourne which is of course a big selling point if you’re looking to rent your property out when you’re not using it.

It’s also a resort that has plenty to offer all year round, which is also very attractive to buyers as it appeals for both summer and winter holidaymakers.
The resort has seen and continues to undergo significant developments, which of course increases the value of property there as the appeal of the resort increase with its development.

We have a total of 32 properties for sale in Mount Buller listed on SnowOnly so you are bound to find a home that will suit your needs and budget.

You may be blown away by the variety of properties but also the presence of some absolutely crazy bargains too.

Bourke St location, freestanding luxury lodge – 4 bedrooms

You’ll find lodges, apartments, townhouses, newbuild luxury flats and even hotels for sale at attractive prices in Mount Buller on SnowOnly so make sure you have a browse and see what’s on offer.

Just look at this massive family home nestled in the wilderness just 20 minutes from Mount Buller:

With 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, the main house is insanely well equipped, but it also comes with a separate 1 bed studio apartment with an excellent 9 year rental history so it’s a ready-made opportunity for a new family home with earning potential! All this for an incredible USD 357,671!

If you’re interested in new developments and investment opportunity, then we would also urge you to take a look at the Kabuki luxury townhouses currently under construction (due for completion at the end of this year).

These high end homes will have 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, underfloor heating, garage carpark and luxury design and furnishings. Positioned right in the midst of the action, they will make the ultimate ski lodge for luxury lovers.

As we have previously advised in our Guide to the Southern Hemisphere Resorts, research all the necessary facts about buying, selling, leasing and taxing property in Victoria, Australia from the following resources:

If you’re still not convinced, take a trip to Mount Buller and see for yourself. You’ll find a friendly, fun and vibrant resort, absolutely stunning scenery and mountains to explore all year round and a wealth of exciting properties to discover.

As ever if you have any questions, get in touch with our team at SnowOnly who will be on hand to help. Happy house hunting!