SnowOnly is a ski specific property portal, specializing in properties for sale in ski resorts all over the world, coupled with essential ski resort information making the whole process of looking for your dream home much more efficient.

SnowOnly is not an estate agent. We are a ski property portal giving Real Estate agents, Developers, and Private seller a platform to showcase their ski properties to a worldwide audience.

SnowOnly cannot sell your property directly; we only advertise the properties for sellers who have an account with us. Any leads from buyers will be passed on to the account holder listing that particular property and they will conclude the sale. We have many contacts in the industry and are always happy to assist if you have any questions.

SnowOnly is not an agent so cannot value the property. We suggest you use the Find an agent page and contact one of these agents to ask for a valuation. We will provide data from our findings that is useful for sellers.

SnowOnly is not an agent or a lawyer or a financial advisor and it is recommended that you seek advice for these options. However, we do work with some financial and mortgage partners and we are happy to refer your details.

Firstly, we would love to have you on board. Please refer to our advertise tab on Snowonly section on the homepage. If you would like more information then please feel free to drop us an email at Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

This will depend on the amount of properties you wish to upload. Once you have created an account enabling you to sell your properties we have a sophisticated up load system designed for sellers that make it very easy to manually upload your properties allowing you to present your properties in the best possible light. Once the properties are uploaded it will take approx. 24 hours to approve the content and then the property will appear on the SnowOnly website. Should you want to upload a significant number of properties we will arrange a XML feed and we suggest you contact us to work together to find the most effective and fastest solution for your business.

The agent as a member of SnowOnly has the option to upload as many or as little properties as they wish. If you would like you agent to upload your property to SnowOnly you will need to contact them directly. If your agreement with your agent is Non-exclusive you have the option to create an account on SnowOnly and advertise your property as a private seller and to manage the buyers independently.  Please client on Advertise your property to create an account.

SnowOnly does not have anyone that can assist you with property viewings but I would suggest asking your management company or someone who you trust and has access to your property to assist you with the viewings. SnowOnly has created a internal messaging service for you to liaise with the potential buyers of your property once an enquiry has been submitted.

This could be due to the fact that the agent has not changed the status of the property in the agents member account or deleted the property from the account. If you wish to remove the property please contact the agent who uploaded the property to SnowOnly.

All the information received on SnowOnly is received from the listing agent, if you notice something that is incorrect then please contact your agent to make the amendments. If you have an account with SnowOnly then access your account and make amendments accordingly, any amendments will have to be approved by SnowOnly.

All the information received on SnowOnly is received from the listing agent, if you notice something that is incorrect then please contact your agent to make the amendments. If you have an account with SnowOnly then access your account and make amendments accordingly, any amendments will have to be approved by SnowOnly.

This is not something that SnowOnly can provide unless it is done through legal proceedings as part of an official investigation.

We advise that you speak to your agent to check the member’s account and something may have been misspelt, if there is a no problem in the member’s account we will then have to receive an email from the account holder to look into the issue in more detail.

It is the account holders responsibility to remove the listing from the account.

This maybe due to the data that we have stored in our website not corresponding to the information that you are inputting. Please check again to see if this is the case, if not please contact us and we will find a solution.

We appreciate that this is a frustrating experience. However the properties that we have listed are uploaded and deleted by the account holder and it is their responsibility to keep the information valid and up to date. Should we start to see trends that sold property is till on the website we will contact the account holder directly.

The account enables you to save properties that you can refer back to and compare the properties that you have enquired about and will also enable you to liaise with the seller via our internal messaging service.

As long as you have a valid email address it is very straightforward. Please click on the Sign in button at the top of the website and you will have an account in minutes.

Go to the login page, and click the lost password link. We will send you an email to verify that it really is you and then you can reset your password.

Many emails end up in junk or spam folders so this is a good place to start. Otherwise contact us for assistance.

You are free to start using your SnowOnly account. Enjoy.

Seeing as SnowOnly is not the agent, developer or private seller we would recommend contacting the seller via the website and requesting additional information. If you would like to see some specific information on our website that you think might be beneficial to buyers, we would welcome feedback via our comments page.

While SnowOnly encourages sellers to add as much information as possible to give the user the best possible experience from our website we cannot force an agent supply all the details. However it is in the best interests of the sellers to provide as much information as possible as this helps with their placing in the SnowOnly website.

Sorry that this has happened, we work closely with all account holders to ensure that all emails via SnowOnly are dealt with promptly and efficiently, however we understand that in some circumstances that maybe a slow response thus I would recommend to call them to see if you can speed up the response.

To save properties, simply click on the 'save property' button on the property that you are interested in.

Once you have created your account then you can save properties that will then be passed to your account for viewing at anytime. You can also compare properties that you have saved.

Once you have signed in to your account, please click 'My Dashboard' and change the email address so our files can be updated.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our site based in the feedback from the users. Whilst the changes cannot satisfy everyone we feel it is in the best interests of everyone that the site evolves for the better.

Please contact us via the Feedback section on our website and we will endeavor to answer your question as quickly as possible and add your question to the FAQ page in case anyone else has the same question.

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