Baqueira Beret is a hidden gem of a ski resort and very affordable

Baqueira Beret

SnowOnly recently interviewed Keith Kirwen from Engel & Volkers in Baqueira Beret in Spain. Keith has lived in this wonderful part of the world for 20 years and like us, would like to tell you a little more about this stunning resort, that is as good a ski area that you will find yet for a savvy investor, at an absolute fraction of the cost. If you are someone that wants to spend your lifestyle in Baqueira for the ski season and summers in Barcelona then this might be worth a read.

This resort has also featured in the New York Times '52 Places to go in 2020' at No. 46 and is now starting to get the International exposure that the resort deserves and will surely be an attraction for savvy investors.

SO: Where is Baqueira and the Val d’Aran in Spain

KK: The Val d’Aran is a 40 km long high mountain valley located in the central Pyrenees mountains of Spain, two hours straight south from Toulouse, France and three and a half hours west from Barcelona, Spain. Coming from France the valley goes south some 20 kilometers reaching the capital city of the region and then goes east 20 km reaching the world renowned ski resort, Baqueira Beret.

To put this place into context, it is only approx. 4 hour drive from Barcelona so you are never far away from such a stunning city.  Have the best of both worlds if you are lucky enough to have a place in Barcelona and a ski retreat in Baqueira. The perfect blend.

Sprinkled along the mountains throughout the valley lie 33 villages, each from the middle ages and 30 of which are home to churches from the Romanesque period between the 11th and 13th centuries.

SO: I heard there is very a very good snow record, can you confirm being a local?

KK: The Val d’Aran is northern facing and thus receives its weather from the north. This means that the resort, Baqueira Beret with a base altitude of 1500m and a top altitude of 2600m enjoys annual snow and lots of it. The average per season over the last 20 years is approximately 7 meters, but one must recall the 2012/2013 season where the resort received a whopping 15 meters in the season.

SO: I imagine it is hard to get the exposure for a Spainsh ski resort when the country is synonymous with Sun, sea, sand and sangria?

KK: Yes, there is snow is Spain and yes there is skiing. Amazing skiing in Baqueira Beret.. But, you can trust me. I have lived here now for over 20 years and have seen, first hand, hundreds of international friends and guests say to me Keith, “I can’t believe this place. It’s incredible. The skiing, the mountains, the snow, the restaurants, the prices, the food, the quaint villages, the homes…it’s simply picturesque”.

SO: What types of property are available for purchase?

KK: The properties here are of all types and sizes and in all locations. The homes located in the Baqueira nucleus have an average square meter cost of some 4300€. As you “come down” the valley to the first set of 5 villages (more or less) to the area known as high or “naut” aran the square meter cost drops to around 3700€ per square meter and as you reach the area around the capital village the price is some 2300€ per square meter. Now this is a very rough average in each case as this is considering a wide range of properties from older ones needing remodelling to new builds.

SO: What sort of entertainment does Vald’Aran other than skiing?

KK: There has been a significant increase in the après ski improving year on year.  Where the Val d’Aran really excels is the...tapas, pinchos and rioja offering great prices. Baqueira itself has made huge steps forward to offer a more upmarket culinary experience on the slopes with several very nice places to go, like the Moet Chandon Lounge,

SO: Any other information a potential buyer might not know?

KK: In addition to being an undiscovered gem, another nice little tidbit to mention which makes this area so much worth considering is that the people here speak their own language called Aranese. This language comes from the middle ages, from the region in central Europe known as Occitania.

If you are considering investing in this hidden gem of a ski resort and taking advantage of the huge potential with the property prices between 2300 – 4300 EURO per sq,m then see over 50 properties for sale on