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Discover why the ski property rental market is growing

Ski-in ski-out - perfect property for any ski holiday

The last few years have seen a shift in how people use their ski accommodation. The same basic desire to have a beautiful mountain retreat underpins many purchases, but more and more there is a move to ski property being bought with a view to taking it to the rental market. 

Some of this is down to local laws - for example the French VAT rebate scheme is designed to encourage holiday letting, and of course Brexit has altered the amount of time many British owners are permitted to spend in the EU. More than simple practicality though, is people’s realisation that the mountains have much to offer all year round. 

A well designed, well placed and well marketed property can have enormous appeal to holiday makers throughout the year, as well as being a beautiful place to spend time with those closest to you and even a dual primary residence.

More properties are destined for the ski holiday rental market

If we take the French alps as an example, figures from Cimalpes show that around 95% of their sold properties are destined for the rental market - a significant increase from just 65% in 2005.

Those seeking to rent their property can expect the rental yield to cover annual running costs, as well as family holidays. Combine this with the sense of surety that comes from property investment as well as local incentives and the appeal of choosing a ski property with rental appeal is clear.

Cimalpes - rental market data

What makes a ski property appeal to the holiday rental market? 

The self catering holiday market has boomed in recent years. What began as a necessity, has developed into a renewed love of renting a beautiful home in a beautiful destination and has expanded even further as demand for travel has increased. 

This increase in demand is not terribly surprising - the appeal of having your own space is strong - but what is interesting is a more fundamental change in terms of what people are seeking from their holiday. 

Looking again at the Cimaples report, we see that 40% of their clients have no preference when it comes to the resort where they spend their holiday - instead their choice is driven by the quality of the ski accommodation and its amenities. It’s almost as though guests are becoming more adventurous in terms of where they travel, but less adventurous in terms of how they travel. 

The security of a ski rental chalet or apartment means that people can feel confident in the fact that they’re self-contained. Costs are another factor and with inflation rising across Europe, the ability to control day to day spending means a ski holiday can still be a possibility, where a hotel break may be out of reach. In short, the demand for a ski property with strong appeal to the rental market seems set to continue.

Stunning apartment which could benefit from VAT rebate scheme

The rise of the resort style development

This shift hasn’t gone unnoticed. Whilst exquisite catered ski chalets with home cooked food and charming hosts will always appeal, a private ski chalet or apartment in a resort style development gives guests the best of both worlds.

This type of property benefits from a certain cachet, and as such guests can enjoy restaurants with menus designed by leading chefs, spas with innovative and on trend treatments as well as sumptuous interiors and styling. As an owner things are pretty peachy too - this type of development offers full management services, making it one of the simplest ways to be part of this growing market. 

Guests can enjoy hotel level amenities, including bars, restaurants, spa and ski rooms whilst having the comfort and surety that a self contained apartment brings. Combine these top notch facilities with sought after and well equipped locations and it's hard to imagine a better recipe for a holiday home with strong rental appeal. Many resort style developments are in premium locations, or even ski in ski out, so they’re convenient for getting to the slopes, and dipping in and out of the local apres scene. 

Other factors driving this rise in properties being part of the holiday rental market

Recent years have also seen the rise of the dual season resort - by which we mean a renewed understanding of the year round appeal of the mountains. The days of resorts lying empty and unloved outside ski season are past and resorts are highlighting their mountain bike trails, local heritage and more glorious hiking.

Other events such as arts or food festivals are regular features on many calendars and visitors are discovering a wealth of community spirit to become part of, even if it’s just for a short while. The appeal of summer amongst the blues and greens of the mountains, or a spring spent discovering wildflower meadows is growing, and the appeal of a beautiful apartment to return to at the end of the day is growing too. 

3 en-suite bedrooms in Saint-Martin de Belleville

What if I want something different from my ski property? 

Of course joining the holiday rental market isn’t for everyone. Plenty of people are looking for a fabulous holiday home, and plenty more are looking for a place that will act as a dual residence.

The rise in remote working means more and more people are choosing to use their ski property as their office - either by extending a family holiday for a few weeks, or by spending a few months using it as a remote base.

As options for remote working grow, many are even realising their dream of their home in the mountains becoming their home for life. 

Find your perfect ski property

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