Jun 04, 2021 / LIFESTYLE

Do ski properties hold the key to the new spirit of YOLO?

Whether YOLO is a phrase that makes you wince or one serves as a battle cry, its spirit - you only live once - is a powerful message. Drawn from buddhist concepts of impermanence or, from words of Horace: Carpe Diem, the idea that life is fleeting, fragile and above all quick has become more prevalent over recent times. Now, more than ever, people are seeking new ways to work and live, and for many, that means a home in the mountains.

In a recent article the New York Times explains how the pandemic has led many workers to reassess their life, to consider what they consider to be truly valuable, which naturally leads to the realisation that life really is fleeting, and, if at all possible, we really do need to live it the way we wish. 

Ski the black diamond trail - then chill with this view

This kind of response to a global crisis is nothing new - the years after WW1 and the 1918-20 pandemic was followed by the glitz and glamour of the Roaring 20s. There can be little surprise that a year free from social interaction, and without the usual thrills of travel and adventure has created a hankering for a more meaningful type of life. 

“The pandemic changed my priorities and I realised I didn’t have to live like this”

Whilst the spirit of YOLO draws parallels with the twenties, the methodology is different. There’s no apparent desire to return to the periods of yawning excess that peppered the twentieth century. People seem to be seeking a more considered, lasting change. The spirit of YOLO for the twenty first century, mid pandemic years is characterised by a desire to understand what truly matters.

For many that means finding a space where it's possible to immerse oneself in the beauty of nature, and indulge the desire for adrenaline fuelled activity and lively social scene - which sounds very much like a home in the mountains. 

A new life in the mountains starts with a great property

Why does owning a ski property capture the new spirit of YOLO?

Owning a ski property could meet many of the needs of the post pandemic world. Clean, crisp air and surroundings that are genuinely awe inspiring. Resort town living offers beautiful food, beautiful properties, the ability to create work life balance - the list goes on.

It’s hard to imagine anything that captures the spirit of YOLO more than heading off to tackle the slopes before breakfast, spending a few hours catching up with work before enjoying some time with your nearest and dearest on the terrace of your ski apartment. 

Sounds perfect - how do I start? 

Start by thinking about what truly matters (if you haven’t already). Do you need spectacular views? To be near a cute town? To be as far away from town as possible? Would you like an apartment with swish hotel type facilities? A laid back cabin? Hot tub? It's also important to think about whether you’re looking for a primary residence, a weekend escape, or a bit of both, as well as considering options around investment.

Jot everything down and head to our property search pages. You can search by location, and refine to pinpoint exactly what you need. We’ve scores of useful articles, buying guides and investment guides to help you make your choices.

A day on the slopes followed by an evening gazing over the mountains.

How to find a ski property that captures the new spirit of YOLO

The benefit of using a property portal like SnowOnly to search for a ski property is that you have access to thousands of properties all over the world. There are new properties coming to market all the time, and once you’ve pinpointed your ideal space, it’s worth joining our property alert system so there’s no fear of missing out. Which calls to mind another acronym….