Jul 20, 2020 / LIFESTYLE / BUYING

How to make the most of your ski-home all year round

There’s a common misconception that a ski home is great during ski-season and useless for the rest of the year. Luckily, spending time in your mountain home isn’t just enjoyable when there’s snow on the ground!

Spending spring or summer in the mountains can be the ideal getaway and the beautiful scenery of lush forests and meandering streams is not to be missed. So, here’s the best ways to make the most of your ski home at any time of year.

Opt for a dual season resort

Dual season ski resorts offer a wealth of activities all year round, from golf and mountain biking to climbing and white-water rafting. Many resorts have buzzing towns and villages that will, of course, be available for you to enjoy at any time of year. You may even discover bars, restaurants, or markets that you didn’t have time to visit during ski season.

A brand new luxury detached house in Bolvir, Spain, close to some of the best ski resorts in the Pyrenees

Ski in the Spring

There’s a common belief that once April hits, there’s no longer enough snow to ski. However, many resorts still get enough snowfall to warrant a skiing holiday in the Springtime. Unlike the cold, windy weather of December and January, you’ll be able to enjoy the slopes in the sunshine, without having to layer up. You may even be able to benefit from quieter slopes and a longer day of skiing due to extended sunlight hours.

Explore the surrounding areas

Why not use your ski home not just to explore the mountains, but also the delights of nearby areas? Many resorts are within a manageable distance of interesting towns and cities, which you may have previously passed through to get to the airport or had never considered spending time in. Whether it’s Zurich, Salzburg, Geneva or the beautiful towns of the French alps, you’re sure to find somewhere for an exciting day out.

We offer you this charming chalet located in a quiet area, close to the ski slopes of Mont d'Arbois and the Golf course.

Embrace the culture

Visiting off-season will give you the time to explore the cultural delights of your ski home location. Whether you taste the local cuisine, visit historical sites or join in with local events, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the place that you’ve bought your second home in.

Rent it out

It could be said that, due to coronavirus, private rentals are more popular than ever. So, if you don’t fancy spending your spring or summer in your ski home, then why not rent it out? More than ever, holidaymakers are probably looking for a place where they can escape the crowds with wide open spaces and plenty of outdoor activities – the mountains would tick all of these boxes and more!

This lovely holiday apartment is located on the ground floor of Haus Sibylle in Saas Fee.

Tempted by a trans-seasonal ski home?

We hope we’ve convinced you that a ski home isn’t just for winter! If you’re tempted by a ski home for all months of the year, start planning your purchase with your free Buying Guides, covering the legal process itself, finances and more. Plus, don’t let the impact of coronavirus on the foreign exchange markets diminish your budget – find out how to protect your money in the Property Buyer’s Guide to Currency.