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How to make the move to a ski resort or mountain town

The term Digital Nomad has been around since the late nineties. Until this last couple of years, the term was very much associated with a fluid lifestyle, grabbing work here and there and living a less conventional lifestyle. Covid-19 has shifted things a little.

More and more people are understanding that making a home in a place that you truly love, even for part of the year,promises a major improvement to that elusive twenty-first century goal - work life balance.Families are able to enjoy better quality time together, days can begin with a swift spell on the slopes instead of jostling on a grey commute. Weekends are for enjoying what you love and because it’s on your doorstep it’s easy to enjoy as part of life rather than a big expedition. 

Digital Nomad visas and other work permits

Many countries are understanding the benefit of welcoming workers from overseas, even if just for part of the year. Those who are still part of the EU, or have an effective agreement with the member states can work across Europe with little complication beyond the normal trappings of finding a property and settling family. 

Those who are not part of the EU are subject to more restrictions, but with a little effort it’s possible to secure a permit for between 3 and 6 months work. The rules for each country vary - Spain and Germany for example have introduced dedicated Digital Nomad visas, whilst many other countries in Europe are still working on a system of work permits and visas. Each country in Europe has its own visa policies and there are different guidelines for people who are self-employed. The overarching expectation is that you are able to demonstrate the economic benefit of your working in the country, and can support yourself whilst in the country.

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Moving to the mountains with your family 

Choosing a school

Options include one of the many excellent international schools or choosing a local school. Your decision will rest on your long term plans, what stage your child is at in their education and what qualifications you want them to have. It’s a fine balance between the improved opportunities for integration offered by a local school, and the surety of international qualifications offered by international schools.

Choosing how to integrate

Becoming part of the community is one of the most rewarding aspects of making your home in another country. Understanding is enriched, resilience is enhanced and lifelong friendships are forged. Integration is far from easy though - it takes determination, dedication and more than a dash of humour. Learning the language is incredibly important,and taking time to observe and understand how things are done in your new home will help. Resist the temptation to spend all your time with other immigrants - whilst it’s undoubtedly easier to be with those from your home country, there’s a real chance you’ll miss out on some amazing opportunities. 

Which is the best ski resort to live in? 

Ah the endless question. In truth there is no definitive answer to this. The only answer is to choose what is best for you. Consider aspects like transport - how often will you need to travel, how often do you want family and friends to visit? You’ll also need to have an idea of how long you want to live away from your home country - a few months? A year? Forever? Of course, everything can be flexible, but it’s worth having an outline goal, especially when you’re buying a new home. 

As well as personal aspects, you may wish to think about how you’ll use your home. You may be hoping to tap into the rental market for those times when you’re not at home, or you may be looking for somewhere to run as a rental business alongside your other work. Any of these things affect the location and type of home you’ll choose,

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How to find your perfect home in a ski resort

SnowOnly is a dedicated ski property portal. This means we have access to hundreds of agents across the globe, as well as individual sellers. We’ve a host of on the ground knowledge, and a host of ways to explore your dreams of making that move to live and work in a ski resort or mountain town. Our articles will help you explore aspects of your move like moving with the family or choosing a home with just the right type of community and infrastructure. We’ve links to various investment and moving guides too.

Finally, when you’ve a good idea of where to head for your new slant on life, we’ve a superb property alert service, which means you’re always up to date with what’s available.