Mar 28, 2019 / INVESTMENT / BUYING

How to Sell Your Ski Property

Unless you’re a real estate agent, we understand that the actual selling of your house is not technically your job, but the job of the realter you have engaged to sell your house for you. However, you are not without power; there are many things you can do to maximise the chances of your property selling quicker.

Here are some top tips from us and our partners:

Invest in any property renovations and repairs that will boost its value

If your property needs a few updates – like new windows, a better central heating system or even a new kitchen or bathroom – then make those changes before putting your ski property on the market.

Small renovations can make a big difference – and bigger jobs can mean the difference between selling your home quickly and it staying on the market for months.

If you fix what needs fixing and renovate a few areas of your property, you can increase its value by more than you think, so it’s never a waste. For example, if one of the bedrooms has a walk-in wardrobe space that you don’t really use, consider converting it to an en-suite – this will allow you to raise your asking price!

Your agent can then use phrases like ‘recently renovated’ and ‘newly redecorated’ to describe your property which always comes across favourably to potential buyers.

Undertake a decluttering mission followed by a deep clean and a spruce up!

deep clean your property to help it sell

Getting rid of clutter Marie Kondo style will do so much for your home (and your peace of mind) and it’s a very therapeutic exercise that will also downsize your belongings ahead of a house move, which is always a good idea.

A deep clean and a spruce up will rejuvenate and refresh your home and make it look as desirable as possible in front of agents and buyers. Your ski property deserves to look its best!

Take pictures that really show your property off in the best light – and ask for the best rooms/pictures to come first in the online listing.

Sell your ski property with good photos

You’d be surprised by how many sellers do not bother to tidy their homes or take professional-looking pictures.

First impressions really do count in this business as more often than not, you only have a split second to make the buyers stop scrolling and click on your property listing. You must wow them in that split second and make them click through and consider your property.

Provide extra photos to the agent for them to use so there are plenty to choose from.

Get your ski home ready for viewings and make it look as attractive as possible

improve the décor to help sell your ski property

A few simple décor tweaks can really help make your home extra attractive from a buyer’s perspective.

Put out some fresh flowers and add extra cushions and throws to give your lounge spaces texture.

Give your walls a fresh coat of paint, which will freshen up the whole room and make the space look lighter and cleaner. Stick with neutral, classic colours so as to appeal to all tastes.

You want them to look around and see themselves there straight away, not painting over purple or green walls.

Get to work on improving your garden or outdoor space

clean up your outdoor space before selling your ski property

Clear away dead foliage and weeds, cut hedges back, cut the grass and plant a few flowers.

Repaint or varnish any fences and generally tidy the space up so that it looks bigger and more cared for. If your space is very small, adding a few potted plants can make the whole property look prettier from the outside.

Clean and scrub any patio furniture so it looks its best.

Doing these things won’t necessarily mean your house sells quicker but it will certainly contribute to positive first impressions of your home.

Make a list of all the advantages of your ski property

Find every benefit and feature of your property and its location. How far is it from the slopes, nearest ski lifts, bus stops and shops? Are there any particularly good restaurants nearby?

Is the neighbourhood family friendly or are there a few great après spots close by?

How much storage space do you have? Maybe you have planning permission for conversions that the buyer can use?

Make yourself scarce when the viewings are going on

house viewings

Nothing is more off-putting to a buyer than walking round a house while the owners are hovering. It’s awkward and they can’t ask the questions they want to ask or make any comments because they won’t want to offend.

Go out and do something else while the agent does their job, it’ll be much more relaxing for everyone!

These are a few of our tried and tested methods for helping give your ski property a boost when you put it on the market. Every little helps, so why not give these tips a go and give your lovely ski home every chance of becoming someone’s new dream home soon!

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