Is ski-in ski-out the ultimate ski property feature?

Ski-in ski-out property is on many people’s wish list – should it be on yours? After all it’s a pricey commodity, and may mean you make compromises on other aspects of your ski property purchase. Is ski-in ski-out the most important thing when it comes to ski property?

In this article we’ll take a close look at the benefits, so you can make the very best choice for your next ski property purchase.

Ski-in ski-out property is more convenient

You could be forgiven for wondering why we’re even asking this question. Skiing, snowboarding all involve a lot of equipment, and the less you have to carry said equipment the better. After a glorious day on the slopes, you ski straight to your door, and it’s boots off, hot-tub bound with barely a blink.

If you’re lucky enough to find aski-in ski out apartment that’s close to the restaurants and bars of your resort then that’s all the better.

Stunning ski-in ski-out property in St Martin de Belleville

Ski-in ski-out makes family holidays simpler

Imagine carrying all your ski equipment. Now imagine carrying it all, and keeping an eye on your toddler – and probably carrying theirs as well. A ski-in ski-out property gets rid of one of the trickiest bits of a family ski holiday and leaves more time for the whole family to enjoy their holiday.

It cuts down on the cries of tired feet, and reduces the stress of trying to juggle everyone and their kit. Dream holiday becomes reality with ease.

Ski-in ski out is easier for après

Great food, great company, great bus ride home...said no-one ever. And whilst private transfers are always an option, nothing will beat the joy of skiing home, donning slightly less cumbersome footwear and heading out to enjoy the delights of your favourite après spot with no worries about how you’ll get home. 

Ski-in ski-out is great for investors

Our busy world means convenience is king, and the undeniable convenience of buying a ski-in ski-out property means they hold their value well, which is great news for investors. If you’re looking to enter the rental market you’re onto a winner too, for instance, with this 3 bedroom chalet in Sankt Lambrecht.

Ski in ski out fetches a premium, and is a key decision maker for many renters – after all if you have just one short week to enjoy the mountains you want to make the absolute most of your time. If you choose aski-in ski-out property with hotel style facilities too your rental pool grows even bigger and you’ll be able to make the most of the dual season appeal of your ski property too. 

Residence Manaka

What if we can’t all ski?

This is the only tricky aspect of choosing a ski-in ski out property. If you’re looking for a second home or primary residence how do you take care of those who can’t ski in or out?

The answer lies in the pretty phrase front de neige. These are properties that sit at the base of the hill, giving all the benefits of a ski-in ski-out home, but without the challenges for less experienced skiers. If your dream ski property is less easy to reach off skis, be sure to check the accessibility. Work out how everyone will get to the nearest town, and how easy it is to reach by ski-lift.

Is ski-in ski-out the ultimate ski property feature?

It’s certainly up there, and it’s a feature that enhances every ski property. As always though, choosing your dream ski property means weighing up your own circumstances and what you want from your ski home.

If you’re looking for an investment that will hold its value and have maximum appeal to the rental market, then ski-in ski-out wins hands down. If you’re looking for a home that may be used as a primary residence for some of the year, then the flexibility of front de neige may be the perfect option.

Never miss out on your dream property

Choosing your ideal ski property can seem daunting. SnowOnly is a property portal with access to thousands of properties. Our property alert system has options to select whether you want a ski-in ski-out property, a house or apartment, a hot tub and a host of other things that will make your ski property perfect for you.

You’ll get up to the minute alerts, so you can be confident that your dream ski home won’t slip through your fingers, all without having to trawl dozens of agents’ sites.