Apr 10, 2023 / BUYING

Is summer the best time to buy a ski property?

While the idea of purchasing a ski property might first come to you while you’re gliding down a snow-covered mountain, buying during the ski season is not necessarily the opportune time to buy. Here’s a bit of insider knowledge for you: there are many benefits to purchasing your ski property in summer!

A chance to get organised

Even if the ski-home-buying bug does bite you as you glide down a snow-covered mountain, most buyers prefer to get home and get organised first. This is a chance to consider different financing options; for example, raising more funds with a mortgage, by downsizing or even buying with family to increase your spending power. You can find the right independent lawyer, a good estate agent and a currency exchange specialist to help you with your property plans. 

Interior of a dining room in Monte Bondone, Trento, Italy

If you are looking at properties that are currently being rented out as a holiday home to skiers, then it can actually be difficult for the time to be found for you to view it. If you start the buying process during the spring or summer, then you will have more chance to ruminate, even view properties a few times, before you make your final decision.

An added benefit is that the travel will be cheaper. Without skiers all trying to book flights, you’ll can grab a flight at a sweeter price. On top of that, your accommodation will also likely be less expensive.

Test out your ski property’s dual season appeal

Exterior of a ski property in Argentiere - Chamonix, France

You may well know how attractive the region is during the ski season, but how it shape up in summer? Many ski resorts have a beautiful side to them during the summer too. Whether that is simply the visual beauty of the mountains or numerous outdoor activities, such as hiking or cycling or even white water rafting to get up to.

One of the great advantages of owning an overseas home is how easy it is to get away when you need a break. More than just being a winter holiday destination, you could take off a Friday and have a little getaway to your ski chalet in France in the middle of May.

Maximise rentability of your ski property as a holiday home

Luxury Family House with Pool in St. Veit an der Glan

If you are planning to rent out your ski chalet as a holiday home, this is the time to see what the off-peak rental appeal would be.

For example, the Sierra Nevada in Spain is Europe’s most southern mountain range. Once the ski season is up, it is time to hit the beach! Italy’s Dolomites and Austria’s Toril have much to boost about during the summer too.

Planning to move there full time?

It may be that you envisage spending your early retirement keeping fit, long days on the slopes and recuperating in the jacuzzi in the evening. But even if you are moving overseas mainly for the skiing, you want to love the area all year round. By buying your ski chalet in the summer, you will get a feel for it as a home, not just as a ski property.