Apr 25, 2022 / LIFESTYLE

Max up your health with a move to the mountains

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that living amongst awe-inspiring surroundings and breathing clear mountain air is good for health and well-being. Choosing to live in the mountains, even for part of the year goes beyond simple enjoyment of nature though. Various factors combine to make living in the mountains one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health. As well as the sheer joy of being surrounded by snow capped peaks, mountain living means easy access to a host of ways to maximize your health, and heal the strains of modern life. 

Mountain living means better physical health

Living in a ski resort means having access to some of the best physical activities the world has to offer. It's easy to imagine the joy of taking to the slopes after a long day, or cutting a track through fresh powder before getting on with the business of the day. As well as the obvious draw of all those magnificent slopes to enjoy, most ski resorts offer a host of other ways to challenge and exercise your body. You may choose to base yourself in Chamonix, to pursue the challenge of Tour de Mont Blanc or Zermatt to explore the magic of the Matterhorn. 

Of course, if you’re living in a ski resort, you won't be doing huge expeditions every day - but imagine being able to take a gentle stroll to Lake Vonnes from your home in Chatel, or wander amongst the alpine roses from your property near Selva de Gardena. Makes that tough day at work feel all the better doesn’t it? Your down time can be spent exploring MTB trails, simply cycling with the family, or just sitting on your balcony absorbing all that magic vitamin D. 

Mountain living means better mental health

Mountain living can make it easier to manage mental health challenges. The simple fact of living somewhere with easy access to beautiful natural landscapes ties in with research into how connecting with nature helps us thrive. Many resorts enjoy large amounts of sunshine - Nendaz has a whopping 300 sunny days each year - and the increase in Vitamin D from those crisp, clear blue sky days are a definite mood lifter. 

This abundance of vitamin D means people who find the change of season and dark days of winter hard to handle are less impacted by seasonal affective disorder and it can also have a positive impact on some types of depression. Combine this with a regular influx of feel good endorphins and adrenaline from all that fabulous skiing, and it’s clear why living in the mountains can make management of our mental health a great deal easier. 

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Mountain living means superb wellness facilities

From the ancient waters of Leukerbad in Vallais to the super modern luxury of Le Grand Spa in Meribel, alpine living goes hand in hand with wellness treatments. An abundance of healing alpine plants like Gentian and Satureja means that spas have access to the best natural ingredients for their treatments, as well as healing thermal waters. 

Living in the mountains means these treatments can become a regular part of your wellness routine. You can choose to base yourself somewhere like Soldeu in beautiful Andorra and take advantage of treatments drawn from the warm waters of the Mediterranean, or head to Courchevel to enjoy the unique sensory experience created by Guerlain Spa.Whatever your ideal wellness environment looks like, a mountain home means access to the very best treatments, often with the very best views. 

Like the idea of mountain living? 

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