Apr 26, 2024 / PODCAST

Podcast: Alpine Ski Resort Real Estate in Les Saisies

In the picturesque landscape of the French Alps lies Les Saisies, a ski resort renowned for its pristine slopes and charming ambiance. Recently, Mark had the privilege of engaging in an enlightening conversation with Lizi from Cimalpes, a leading expert in Alpine real estate and someone who has lived in the area for 7 years.. 

Our discussion delved deep into the investment opportunities and lifestyle offerings of Les Saisies. This article captures the essential insights from our talk, exploring why this resort is rapidly becoming a top destination for investors and holiday makers alike.

Strategic Location and Accessibility

Les Saisies boasts an enviable position in the French Alps, easily accessible from major cities like Geneva and Lyon.

Lizi highlighted the resort’s strategic location, which is just two hours from these international hubs, making it an attractive option for both short visits and long-term stays.

The accessibility contributes significantly to its appeal as a prime real estate investment spot and a convenient getaway for European and international tourists.

Exploring 190 Km of Pristine Slopes

A major draw for Les Saisies is the expansive Espace Diamant ski area. Lizi shared that the resort offers 190 km of ski slopes, suitable for all skill levels and preferences.

The integration of nearby ski resorts under the Espace Diamant umbrella enhances the variety and extent of skiing terrain available to visitors, underscoring the area’s capacity to cater to avid skiers and snowboarders seeking diversity and challenge.

Real Estate Market Dynamics In Les Saisies

The real estate market in Les Saisies is experiencing a significant upswing, with demand outstripping supply.

Properties, especially two-bedroom apartments, are highly sought after, with prices ranging from €8,000 to €13,000 per square metre depending on the project and location.

Lizi explained that the consistent rise in property values, coupled with the robust rental market, positions Les Saisies as a lucrative investment destination.

The Charm of a Modern Alpine Village

Les Saisies is not just a resort; it's a community. Initially developed around 60 years ago, the area has evolved from agricultural land into a thriving ski destination.

The resort maintains a quaint, village-like feel with chalet-style architecture and a ban on high-rise buildings.

It offers a unique blend of traditional Alpine charm and modern amenities, making it an attractive location for those seeking a picturesque yet contemporary lifestyle.

Les Saisies Beyond the Winter Season

While known for its winter sports, Les Saisies also shines in the summer. It transforms into a hub for cycling and other outdoor activities, hosting events like the Tour de France.

Lizi noted that the dual-season appeal adds to the resort’s attractiveness, ensuring that investment in Les Saisies remains beneficial throughout the year, not just during the ski season.

Key Takeaways from Our Talk with Lizi

Our conversation provided deep insights into why Les Saisies is a compelling choice for real estate investors and those looking for a delightful Alpine retreat.

The blend of excellent location, diverse recreational activities, and robust real estate market makes Les Saisies an appealing destination year-round.

Interested in learning more about investment opportunities or planning your visit to Les Saisies? Contact Lizi at Cimalpes to explore your options.