Dec 26, 2022 / BUYING PROCESS

Resale or new build ski property - which is right for you?

Buying a ski property means making many decisions and one to consider early is whether you would like a new build ski property, or prefer a resale. This article looks at the benefits of each option to help you get one step closer to finding your dream mountain retreat.

Why choose a ski property in a new development?

New developments often offer luxury hotel style facilities

Some new build ski properties, like the MGM residences, offer the opportunity to enjoy the privacy and convenience of your own apartment, alongside the luxury of integrated facilities. This type of development may offer features such as a wellness centre, as well as shops and restaurants. This means you have a convenient base to enjoy from the moment you arrive, and maximises appeal for the rental market. A new build can offer flexibility when it comes to design and specifications

Finding the right combination of location, look and functionality is tricky. Choosing a new build property can help with one of those aspects. Many companies offer the option for you to customise things like the interior décor, as well as kitchen or bathroom fittings. There may also be an opportunity to adapt the internal configuration to help you achieve the perfect combination of property and place.

New developments often feature integrated wellness facilities

Choosing a new development means no need for renovation

For many people this is one of the biggest reasons to choose a new development. As soon as the contracts are signed, you can get ready to move in. Many new developments are sold fully furnished too so you have nothing to do other than turn up and hit the slopes.

Choosing a new development can save you money on notary fees

Buying a new development can often mean lower notary fees; notary fees for a new build are around 2-3% of the final price, compared to 7-8% on a resale.

Choosing a new build can give you access to tax advantages

Choosing a new build property can open up tax benefits, such as the 20% VAT rebate scheme available in France. This scheme offers a rebate of 20% VAT for new build owners, so long as they meet specific conditions. The scheme is designed to ensure good occupancy for ski villages and offers mutual benefit to owners and communities.

A new development may make renting easier

If you’re looking for a dual-purpose ski property, then choosing a new build can be a smart move. New developments often offer rental management services. This means they take care of things like marketing, bookings and other day to day management. The building owners may also offer property management, such as maintenance, cleaning, and security services.

There may be an opportunity to customise the interior

Why choose a resale ski property?

The property is fully built

Buying off plan can mean waiting a little while for the property to be completed. Whilst this can have benefits, such as being able to customise, it can also be a little frustrating if you want to make your mountain dreams happen sooner rather than later. Choosing a resale means you can visit the property before you buy, which some people prefer to relying on video tours and artist renders.

There is likely to be an established rental market

If you’re hoping to rent out your ski property, then Buying a resale property means you can get a solid picture of the rental market. There may well be guests who will be repeat visitors, as well as an established infrastructure so you can be sure your visitors will enjoy their stay.

You can spend time in the property before you buy

We all have different buying styles. Some people can make a decision based on figures and facts, whilst others need more time and insight to consider all aspects of the purchase. This is especially likely if you’re looking for a ski property that will be a primary residence or long-term holiday home. Being able to spend time in the property before you buy means you can understand how the space will work for you, as well as getting a real feel for the neighbourhood and its surroundings.

Resale properties may offer integrated facilities

Whilst the concept of integrated facilities as part of a development is relatively new, resale properties are sometimes available for this type of residence. If you like the idea of being part of this type of development, but prefer a resale to a new build then our property alert service allows you to fine tune your search to include this type of facility. There may be a nominal fee for using things like the spa and wellness centre.

Resale properties may offer services such as rental management and property management 

Depending on the type of property, you may be able to enjoy the convenience of rental management and property management as part of your resale purchase. This is something that will vary and it’s worth taking great care to ensure the specifics of the arrangements are clear for all parties.

Find your perfect resale or new build ski property

Whether you are seeking a ski property in a brand new development, or looking for an opportunity to find a superb resale, SnowOnly can help. We’re a ski property portal which means we have access to thousands of properties worldwide. Our property search system can be customised to meet your requirements which makes it easier to discover the perfect palace in the mountains.