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Seven reasons to fall in love with Snowmass

Snowmass has been part of the ski scene since 1967, and enjoys the grand status of being the largest of the four mountains that make up the Aspen.Snowmass ski area. It has a reputation as a family friendly space, with wave cruiser runs and a chilled out vibe. As with all reputations, there’s a lot more to Snowmass than meets the eye so we’ve gathered together just 7 of the reasons that this Colorado mountain town is stand out superb. 

1. The skiing in Snowmass is incredible

You probably don’t need me to tell you this, but just in case you’re not familiar with the incredible skiing in Snowmass, here are some stats

  • Snowmass has 5,500 acres of perfect Colorado powder to enjoy
  • There are 98 trails over a total of around 150 miles
  • Snowmass has an enviable rep for snowboarding too, it’s ranked as #1 for snowboarding by Transworld Snowboarding magazine
  • Snowmass ski schools are regarded as some of the best in the country - these guys want you to love the mountains as much as they do

As well as a great set of stats, Snowmass has some truly stand out experiences too. Take something like the Highland Bowl, an exhilarating hike with views of Maroon Bells, Pyramid Peak, Red Mountain and Aspen Mountain that culminates in a breathtaking descent from the summit.

Great views and a central location in Snowmass

2. Snowmass loves visitors

This is a town that relishes its guests. So many things are in place to make life as easy and enjoyable as possible. It’s a ski that’s known for having top quality guides, and simple things like the abundance of ski-in / ski-out properties and the super organized ski equipment hire and transport make Snowmass a place that feels simple and welcoming for everyone from first timers to old hands. If you’re looking to capitalise on the rental market, then knowing there’s a strong visitor focus can only be a good thing, and if you’re seeking a place to become a primary residence, then knowing there’s an attitude of “come one, come all” makes the big move so much easier.

3. Snowmass is a great place to live

Snowmass is a community with a capital C. Initiatives like the Hub at Willits, that seeks to provide quality housing for the town's workers mean that this is a community of mutuality, where the people who work to make all the good things happen are as much part of the community as those who enjoy them. There’s top notch childcare, great schooling and of course the magical backdrop of the mountains. 

4. Snowmass takes community responsibility seriously

Snowmass takes this attitude of valuing the whole community a step further though and recent initiatives to cement social justice and inclusivity have put Snowmass on the map as a place where everyone is welcome, and everyone is valued. Their commitment to racial justice and to supporting the LGBTQ+ community makes Snowmass a truly special place.

5 Bed and 6 Bathroom House in Snowmass

5. Snowmass has art as part of the community

The arts are a big part of the Snowmass scene, and as a visitor or resident you can expect to enjoy things like Luminescence an LED light installation by the creators of Submergence Squid Soup. There’s plenty of live music too, and you’ll even find art on your lift tickets. This is a town that values the creatives as much as it applauds the adrenaline junkies. 

As well as simply being the right thing to do, this focus on nurturing community means Snowmass is a place where people can live and work whatever their job role and for anyone looking to make a home or seeking an investment property, this can only be good news. A healthy, fulfilled working community means great staffing levels, which means great service and so Snowmass retains its enviable reputation as a superb place to be.

6. Snowmass has things to do all year round

If you’re a regular reader of our articles you’ll be familiar with the term dual season resort and whether you’re seeking to buy a ski property as a foray into the rental market, hunting for a holiday apartment or looking for a place to finally call home, then the year round appeal of your shortlisted resorts is an important consideration. 

Snowmass more than fulfils the moniker of being a year round resort, and the number of ways to enjoy the mountain are astonishing. Days can be spent exploring the ecology of the mountain, with the help of an ACES (Aspen Centre for Environmental Studies) guide who’ll take you along mountain streams, and through stunning meadows in summer, as well as on epic snowshoe or ski expeditions in winter. Snowmass has impressive mountain bike trails for all levels form downhill thrill seekers to more sedate country trails and In the height of summer you can discover the Lost Forest, an exciting rope and climbing trail that is a thrill for kids and adults alike, plus there’s tons of activities like Disc Golf to enjoy. 

If your idea of bliss is a little less full on, then the Snowmass is home to some of the most beautiful mountains you could wish for. Maroon Bells is one of the most photographed mountain ranges in North America, and it’s easy to see why - especially in July when the wildflowers are in full bloom. This is a vast landscape, with plenty of spaces to truly get away from it all, whatever the season.

2 Bed and 2 Bathroom House in Snowmass Village

7. Snowmass has some amazing properties.

Property in Snowmass is something special, and as a ski property portal we’re lucky to have access to a great number of agents in Snowmass, so it’s easy to find the perfect place. Quad III ranch is a wonderful property, set in 69 acres of irrigated pasture, this 5,553 square foot home is the embodiment of tranquility and understated opulence. The ranch has five bedrooms, as well as numerous living areas, all impeccably appointed with Ralph Lauren furnishings. You’ll find every comfort you could need, and of course the views and setting is just magical. 

If you’re seeking something more central then an apartment at Base Camp might be just the thing. Inside you’ll find three beautifully appointed bedrooms, an open kitchen and bathrooms with spa-style baths - perfect after a long day adventuring. There’s owner's storage too, and you’re just steps from the Elk Camp Gondola. Alternatively, this one bedroom apartment in one of Snowmass’ most sought after buildings is ideal as a rental opportunity or a superbly located holiday home. It’s fully furnished, and has wonderful mountain views as well as a diminutive outdoor pool that’s a perfect place to relax.

Of course there are dozens more reasons to fall in love with Snowmass - we could tell you about how easy it is to get to, and how easy it is to get around, talk about the amazing food and fabulous apres ski as well as the great kids facilities and all round fun. Snowmass is stand out special and has a warmth and welcome all of it’s own - we think you’ll love it.

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