Apr 08, 2024 / PROPERTY

Smart Homes in the Mountains: The Future of Ski Properties

In the world of ski properties, one way to make your home stand out is to fit it with the most incredible, cutting-edge technology. Not only will modern tech make your property more fun and accessible for you, but it is also a huge selling point when it comes to renting out your property to holidaymakers.

From climate control to a comprehensive entertainment system, we look at what smart features will give a brilliant boost to your ski property. 

What makes a ski home, smart?

Ski properties in Saint Gervais, France.

Imagine arriving home from a long day on the slopes. You are probably tired. You’d like to have a sit down, a drink and listen to ambient music before you get ready for an evening of après ski. 

Now, you can realise all of that with an app on your phone or voice command. While we are some years away from having a moving robot deliver you a hot toddy on a tray (but you could get a small round robot to do the hoovering), a home with smart features does make kicking back and relaxing easier. 

Climate control: You probably do not want to arrive home to a property that is too cold. A smart thermostat will enable you to control the temperature from the slopes or even on an automated system, so you’ll walk into a warm home, and not spend half an hour next to the radiator, desperate to be warmed up. 

Security systems: You can fit your home with high-quality security cameras that deliver content straight to your phone. Smart locks are operated via a keypad, app and even fingerprint, and can feel safer than a traditional key. If you are not planning to move into your property full-time and are renting it out to holidaymakers, a top-end security system can give you peace of mind and enable you to have a watchful eye on your home even when you are not there. 

Energy management: Your home can manage heating and lighting with smart motion sensors so that they only turn on when someone is occupying the room. If you are spending the evening in the living room, then it is a waste to heat and light the bedrooms too. Plus, you can run appliances like the washing machine at off-peak times, when electricity rates are lower, saving money and pressure on the grid. An app will also be able to inform you how much energy you have used, helping you moderate your use and avoid any hair-raising bills.

Entertainment system: Less useful but more fun than an automated heating system is all the cool and creative smart tech for your home entertainment system. You could create an 8k resolution home cinema, equipped with surround sound and a laser projector. Fix the lighting to go with the film – a soft pink hue for rom-coms, total darkness for your beloved moody drama. For something extra, you could have an integrated gaming system and even a VR set. Plus, enjoy wireless, voice-automated, multi-sync music – perfect for having your podcast follow you from room to room or for hosting legendary parties. If you are planning on having a private gym, you could install an A. I mirror, which tells you, in real-time, how effectively you are doing your exercises.

Be prepared: potential smart tech mishaps 

Swimming pool in a ski home in Sainte-Foy, France.

One of the major downsides of smart technology is that it tends to be quite pricey, and that is especially the case for newer, lesser-known products. It might be worth deciding what you feel you need and what you can wait for. Perhaps a high-end security system is going to give you the greatest comfort when you are not home, but the home cinema can wait a couple of years. 

As with your phone and computer, you will have to do regular updates on your smart technology. The technology is being developed constantly, so be prepared for regular updates and possible troubleshooting. 

In some more remote areas, you might find it difficult to consistently get the level of connectivity that you need for your smart tech to run efficiently. So, get reliable information from your provider before you start adding smart features. 

If you purchase an older home, it might be too challenging to add certain technology. An expert can evaluate your home and tell you if this is the case. If you have yet to purchase a property, ask your estate agent what smart features the property already has and if any similar properties in the area have had installations that you are also keen on getting. 

On the flip side, many new-build properties are being built with this technology already installed, so you may want to look for a development if a smart home is a top priority. 

Terrace of a ski property in Morzine, France.

Smart features are a brilliant way to make your time in your ski home smooth gliding. As well as making your time there more fun (hello surround sound music and mood lighting), they offer an effective way to monitor your property when you’re absent, which is great for your peace of mind.