Swiss ski property growth - why it’s happening and where to buy

Set on the sunny southern side of the Alps,St Moritz has played host to two winter olympics, known as the birthplace of winter holidays, and is arguably the most famous ski town in the world. It also happens to have seen a startling 16.5% ski property price growth in 2021. This jewel of the Swiss alps isn’t alone either, and market analysis shows that Swiss ski resorts are leading the way when it comes to price growth. 

Why are Swiss ski properties leading the way when it comes to growth? 

As well as the obvious charms offered by a Swiss ski resort, a number of extra factors have combined to create this surge of interest. Covid 19 has had a significant impact on the market as a whole, with around 18% of global buyers seeking to buy a ski home in 2021 compared to 11% in 2020. The pull of clean mountain air, time with family and friends and flexibility of workplace have worked together to make a ski property a stand out solution to the challenges of the last two years. Other factors behind the increase in interest include the imminent Beijing winter olympics, which has contributed to an increase of purchase intention in the Asian markets - around 22% of buyers now say they hope to buy a ski property. 

Why Swiss ski properties in particular though? Throughout the pandemic Switzerland has allowed individual canton’s to make the decision about whether to close or not and in December 2020, unlike much of Europe, many resorts were still open, meaning skiing was possible throughout the pandemic. This consistency means that Switzerland can be regarded as a reliable location, thanks to its independence from EU legislation. 

This combination means that for the first time in several years, Switzerland leads the way when it comes to growth, and as a consequence we are seeing demand squeeze supply close to it’s limit.

Which Swiss ski resorts are showing most significant growth?

St.Moritz leads the way, with growth at 16.5%. Close behind are Klosters (14.4%), Davos (13.4%) and Verbier (10.2%) once we leave the double figure set, resorts like Leysin and Grimentz sit at around 7%. There is an expectation that this growth level out, but for the time being the restriction in supply will continue to contribute to growth in prices. 

Is this a good time to buy a ski property in Switzerland? 

We’d love to give a simple yes or no answer.Unfortunately, as with many matters such as this, the only sensible answer is “it depends”. A property in a Swiss ski resort offers an element of surety for those seeking to capture the rental market, thanks to the autonomy of the region giving flexibility in the face of the pandemic and the charm and beauty of the Swiss Alps will never fade regardless of any market fluctuations. 

Obviously this level of price increase will slow down, but nonetheless, a ski property purchased now will be a viable and valuable investment for years to come. If you’re seeking a Swiss ski property as a holiday home or, or location for remote working then the shortage of supply would indicate that now is the time to take the plunge, or risk missing out on that alpine dream. 

Stunning art nouveau house In one of the most sought after areas of Montreux.

Swiss ski properties

Markets are moving fast at the moment, so if you see something you like it’s worth acting sooner rather than later. If you’re keen to be part of all the Swiss Alps have to offer, then consider signing up to our property alert service to be sure of being first to find your perfect property.

It’ll come as no surprise to learn that even with access to countless agencies and private sellers, we have just a handful of properties in high growth spots like Klosters and St.Moritz. Other areas offer a little more scope. Ever popular Verbier offers a range of properties, such as this 1 bedroom apartment in Martigny-Ville or this beautifully appointed 3 bedroom penthouse near Le Rouge, complete with breathtaking views from the south facing balcony. One of the most magnificent properties in Verbier at the moment has to be this superb 6 bedroom chalet. Expertly crafted, this superb property has every you need in an ideal ski lodge, as well as luxurious extras like lift access to each floor, indoor pool with spa and of course stunning mountain views.

Verbier offers a range of options including this beautiful 3 bedroom penthouse near Le Rouge

Areas such as Grimentz may not have reached the double figures of the more famous resort, but property has still shown significant increase in price. You’ll find many new developments in Grimentz, such as Le Hameau de Coronne a collection of studios, and 1,2 or 3 bedroom apartments with five star hotel style facilities, or this stunning 4 bedroom apartment in sought after Rahau, complete with jacuzzi terraces, feature windows, wine cellar and entertainment room. 

There is a great variety of property style in Switzerland, and If you’re looking for something away from the sleek new developments, then Switzerland is also home to some magnificent period homes such as this property in Montreux. Built in 1913 with a distinct flavour of art nouveau, this 5 bedroom, 9 bathroom property is in one of the most sought after areas of Montreux, with commanding views of the surrounding countryside. 

Whatever type of Swiss ski property you’re looking for, choosing to use SnowOnly means you’ve access to agents across the region, and features like our property alert service, as well as our useful investment guides and articles mean you can be prepared to buy as soon as you see your perfect piece of alpine paradise.