The Rise of Co-primary Ski Homes: How Hybrid Working is Shaping the Alpine Property Market

The Ski property index has seen a 5.8% increase year on year. Understanding the reasons behind this increase gives valuable insight for anyone seeking to buy a new ski property this year.

This article explores the role increased hybrid working has to play in this increase, with a focus on what it is that makes the mountains such a superb location for a co-primary home.

Analysis of how this shift in buyer preference impacts the market as a whole will help potential buyers make intelligent and informed decisions about their next ski home purchase. 

Hybrid working and co-primary ski homes - are they a perfect match? 

For many people, hybrid working is becoming the norm. More and more roles offer packages with a significant element of hybrid function and more and more people are relishing the flexibility of working from home.

This shift in work patterns has led to a shift in property purpose. Ski property has transformed into a place where the best of all worlds can be enjoyed –people can literally work, rest and play in some of the world’s most beautiful surroundings.

Why is hybrid working so good for you? Is it better in the Alps?

There are numerous reasons that hybrid working benefits employees and businesses. 

  • Less time travelling - more time working
  • Improved focus - fewer distractions means improved productivity
  • More time to spend with loved ones 
  • Improvement in work-life balance

Each of these things contribute to an improvement in well-being. Our bodies and minds are less distracted, our relationships with those who matter are more meaningful, and work itself is more enjoyable.

If hybrid working offers the chance to improve our life, hybrid working in an environment as nourishing as the alps takes things to another level.

Imagine you can enjoy all these things and have a chance to perfect your parallel turns, dive into a fresh fall of snow, or simply relax in your hot tub enjoying spectacular views. Choosing a ski property as a co-primary home means all of this is in reach.

Mental health and nature

Being somewhere as beautiful as the mountains feeds both body and soul. A recent study from Yale University found

“These studies have shown that time in nature — as long as people feel safe — is an antidote for stress: It can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce nervous system arousal, enhance immune system function, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve mood.

Ecopsychology: How Immersion in Nature Benefits Your Health

Combine this with the inevitable uptick in physical fitness, alongside the benefits of spending more time with those we love and a co-primary home in the alps is a clear winner for this reimagined lifestyle.

How has the shift to co-primary ski homes impacted property prices?

As the function of ski homes has shifted to being more than a sound investment opportunity, so demand for larger, higher spec properties has increased – and the inevitable result of an increase in demand is of course an increase in prices – the ski property index increased by 5.8% year on year. In the words of Kate Everett-Allen, Head of Global Residential Research for Knight Frank;

“One in four ski home buyers are now seeking either a second home or co-primary property entirely for their own personal use, with no plans to rent their property. A move to hybrid working, a rekindled love of the great outdoors and heightened interest in wellbeing has boosted demand. We knew the pandemic had influenced buyer priorities, but the premium now attached to mountain views, fast broadband and outdoor space looks to be significant.”

It seems that hybrid working is here to stay. The benefits are tangible, and the improvement to body, mind and soul are too good for people to give up.

This means the shift in function of a ski home is likely to be here to stay too. Co-primary homes are becoming more and more desirable, which means there is an increased likelihood that we’ll see an uptick in demand for the type of home that has space to work, live and enjoy all the mountains have to offer .

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