Top 5 reasons to buy a ski property in 2020 if you did not already need convincing

Ski chalet in Chamonix

As quickly as 2019 ends, 2020 is already in full swing and it's a time to look forward and not backwards.  Many of us have already enjoyed our 2019/20, ski holiday and some lucky ones are going back for more. For those of you who are keen for something a little more permanent, SnowOnly provides over 8000 properties for sale in resorts all over the world if you are considering buying a ski property in 2020.

SnowOnly has come up with their top 5 reasons to buy a ski property, if you did not need convincing already.

5. Ski property appreciation

Whether sellers suggest a ‘lifestyle’ or ‘investment’ option, the reality is, everyone wants a success story of how much his or her property has appreciated in a certain amount of time.  People like to tell stories about their success. Buyers are naturally sceptical about how much ski property appreciates. Well the good news is that according to the UBS Alpine Property Report 2019 there has been some real success stories across the world in ski resorts. Also, see our articles on Ski property outperforms major cities on price growth.

4. Steady rental return coupled with your own use

The fear of owning any property is that it will just be a cash burner. There are some people that are looking for an exact property return down to 3 decimal points and there are some buyers that are happy with a minimal return as long as it exceeds the mortgage payments and yearly on-going costs.  

Well, the good news is that both of these options are available as many resorts having a strong summer and winter visitors.  This allows you to spend more time in your property knowing it can be rented out the rest of the time.  It is easy to find buyers of ski property on social media that have rented their properties year on year with great success, so don’t be put off by the fear of your property burning a whole in your savings. This can be a good income generator and you get to have some fun with it as well.

3. Pure convenience

I am sure most of you have accumulated enough apparel at your home through the ski seasons to make it quite a challenge to decide what to take on your ski holiday each year. The costs of ski baggage is increasing year on year with an average price of around 45 EUR return on airlines and the average costs for a pair of skis at 450 EUR, you could have bought a brand new pair if you had somewhere to store them. Now imagine having all your gear in one convenient place so you don't have to lug everything back and fourth each time.

You can also enjoy all the familiarities of your own place, know exactly what you are getting when you arrive, have the comfort of your own bed, know the best restaurants to visit and know the best runs to ski.  Sounds like a no brainer to me!


2. A safe haven

Safe ha·ven: (noun) a place of refuge or security.

There are so many benefits to being in the mountains.  Fresh air, fitness, less time spent on the computer, social interaction, memories and the list goes on. Whatever your job or lifestyle, skiing or biking or whatever activity takes your fancy these are the pure treasures in life, and if you have read this far in this article, it will probably mean you know what I am talking about. Having a ski property abroad can be a life changing experience, just look on the many social media groups and your will see many people that are so happy that they bought their property in the mountains.

If you are a fan of skiing, is there any place your would rather be?

Ski family

1. A lifetime of memories

Our number 1 reason for buying a ski property in 2020 Is all about the memories.  Many people, year on year frequent the slopes to build happy memories for themselves and their families.

Not all of us even consider buying a ski property, some people would prefer to spend their money on material things such as a new car but for those of us that are considering buying a property it is usually because you have been skiing before and you have already created many happy memories. Start a tradition this year of making the effort to buy a ski property and spend some time enjoying all the wonderful things that being in the mountains brings.

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