Nov 20, 2020 / SKIING INSIGHTS

What should you expect from a ski holiday during the 2020/2021 season?

With the world embracing a ‘new normal’, what should you expect from a ski holiday this season?

With lockdowns happening all over Europe at the moment, it’s definitely a time of uncertainty for ski resorts. Many resorts opened at the start of the ski season in October, only to shut again a few weeks later. However, we are still hopeful that we can make it to the slopes soon! So, with the world embracing a ‘new normal’, what should you expect from a ski holiday or viewing trip this season?

Quieter slopes

If you enjoy having the slopes to yourself, this season could be the ideal time to take a ski holiday. It could also be extremely beneficial for those who are novices or skiing for the first time, as there’s likely to be plenty of time and space to hone your skills. Alternatively, if you’re a seasoned skier, quieter slopes could provide the perfect opportunity to tackle the more challenging runs that you’ve always been tempted to try.

In Les Bois, a sought-after Chamonix neighbourhood, a 300 m² chalet, completed in 2015 with panoramic Mont Blanc views.

Mask wearing

Wearing a mask has become part of daily life now and skiing is no exception. Masks are likely to be mandatory in queues and lifts, but not once you’re on the slopes. You’ll still be able to ski or snowboard without one, but make sure to keep a mask handy for those communal areas and treat it as a new part of your ski wear!

Après ski

As we all know, going on a skiing holiday isn’t just about the skiing itself. Après ski is an important part of the skiing experience and it will continue, albeit with some changes. Like everywhere else, bars and restaurants will make the most of outdoor space to ensure that social distancing can be enforced. Although cold, sitting outside shouldn’t be a problem, with resorts investing in outdoor heating and the hot toddies in full flow.

Some of the livelier resorts may feel quite different, as they will inevitably be forced to move away from ‘party tourism’ and adopt a more toned-down approach. Standing or dancing in packed bars won’t be permitted and most are likely to operate with table service only.

Get online

To reduce the crowds and the queues, online booking is likely to become the norm. You’ll be required to book ahead for most things, including restaurants, ski hire and so on. Many resorts have introduced a regional app to make it easy to book everything in one place. Electronic ticketing will be available in chalets and hotels to reduce queues

As well as being in one of the most popular ski resorts in the world, this apartment is situated in a central location and very close to the ski slopes

Getting around

Navigating your way around the resort may seem a little more complex with restrictions in place, and you may need to allow some extra time to get from a to b. One-way systems are likely to be in place and the usual shuttle buses to the slopes will possibly run at reduced capacity. However, there is likely to be more opportunity to take private transfers from hotels and chalets to the lifts.


There may be a general move away from staying in hotels this season and more of a shift towards private accommodation. This could involve either renting or buying your own ski home. The ski property market has remained buoyant this year, with a thirst for the clean air, open space and the good quality of life that the mountains offer.

All in all, it will (hopefully!) still be possible to enjoy a ski holiday this year with a few changes in place.

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