Mar 07, 2022 / BUYING PROCESS

What to look for in a ski home to make your life easier

There are many things to consider when finding the right ski home for you. To make your ski holidays run as smoothly as possible, there are certain features that will help you spend more time on the slopes and less time focusing on other things. We’ve made a list of what to look out for when you’re searching for your dream property.

1. Ski-in ski-out

Carrying your ski gear from your property to the slopes can be a challenge, especially if you’re with young children. To make your life infinitely easier, you may wish to consider a home with a ski-in ski-out facility. You can then sort out your boots and skis in the comfort of your own home before heading straight out onto the slopes.

Ski-in ski-out apartment, Sainte Foy

2. Amenities nearby

Choosing a ski home with amenities nearby could make your life a lot easier. If you’re planning to use your home for quick weekend getaways, you may wish to choose a location that’s not far from an airport. As well as this, having shops, restaurants and other amenities close by will give you more time to enjoy your lunchtimes and evenings.

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3. Choose a home near a ski lift

As well as being close to shops and the airport, you may wish to choose a home that’s just a short journey from the ski lift. This will mean you’re spending less time travelling to the slopes and more time skiing. You may even find that this frees up more time for other activities, such as après ski events or exploring the local area.

Large villa, Sesto Dolomites

4. A good internet connection

If you’re planning to spend long periods of time in your ski home, a good internet connection will make your life easier. It could be worth speaking to a few internet providers to gauge which would be best for your requirements. You may even wish to work remotely from your ski home, in which case, a reliable internet connection is a must.

Ski-in and out chalet, Verbier

5. A dual season resort

You may wish to use your ski home in the spring and summer months, as well as the winter. Dual season ski resorts offer a wealth of activities all year round, from golf and mountain biking to climbing and white-water rafting. Many resorts have buzzing towns and villages that will, of course, be available for you to enjoy at any time of year. If the resort is fully operational all-year-round, it will make the time spent in your ski home easier and more enjoyable.

Establishing exactly how you want to use your ski home will help you to determine the type of property you’re looking for and where you want to buy. Giving this consideration at the very beginning of your property-buying journey will make your search a smoother process.

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