When is the best time to list a ski property for sale?

This week, we’re going to let you in on a secret. If you’re selling a ski home, you might think that the ski season is the only time worth listing it – but our experience tells us almost the opposite. This week, we’re looking at why the summer can be the best time to list a ski property if you’re looking for a successful sale.

Higher proportion of qualified buyers

Selling during the ski season may seem like the logical choice – after all, everyone’s in the ‘skiing mood’ and there’s a sense of energy around the resorts. While it’s not a bad idea, and many people do make successful sales, it does mean you get a lot of ‘dreamers’. For many who come on a ski holiday, they might start thinking of owning a ski home, but they’re not in a position to buy. Perhaps their finance isn’t in place, or they haven’t chosen an area, or they never will buy and just want to have a look around.

In the summer, however, you have people making dedicated trips to the area, often just to view properties. These are people with money set aside and finances organised, and time available to do a first, second and potentially third viewing – and put in an offer.

Four-bedroom chalet in Saint Gervais.

Easier access and viewings

Equally, coming in the summer means that access to properties is easier. For anyone thinking of the best time to list a ski property they rent out during the season, the answer here is obvious. With access not guaranteed when people are renting week to week, and with viewing windows short after a day’s skiing, the frantic skiing season is not ideally placed for property viewings.

As above, listing ‘off-season’ means it’ll usually be easier to conduct viewings during the day time, and show your home at its best. If you’re selling a dual-season home – so it has activities or attractions in the summer as well – this can also be a big benefit. Often the client buying will already be familiar with the skiing in the area, so it can help to clinch the deal by showing the summer possibilities in person.

Perfect timing for the buyer to be in place

For anyone buying during the ski season, there’s a wait of up to twelve months to actually get to use the property. The summer season, however, provides the perfect timescale. Imagine, for instance, you’re selling in France: the average home takes around three months to sell. That means your buyer will have signed the compromis de vente and received the keys with just months to go until the ski season – enough time to do any renovations or décor changes they need to before using the property!

Three-bedroom house in Zell am See, Austria.

More appealing prices as owners exit strong season

It can also be the best time to look through ski listing for anyone buying – you’ll often find prices at this time are slightly more reasonable in some areas than during peak season, when a higher number of (lower intent) buyers can persuade sellers to up asking numbers.

Ensure your buyers are fully prepared to make a summer purchase

It’s always worth not leaving anything to chance. You will find the buyer pool generally more high- intent in summer, but it can pay dividends to help hasten them on their way.

One of the big blockers for anyone heading out on a viewing trip is having to return home and come back before being able to put in an offer.

That’s why we’d always encourage sellers to ensure all decision-makers are on a trip, so there’s no need to go back and talk it over. Equally, having to go back and organise finance can add a significant time on – so encourage sellers to find out about locking in an exchange rate so they can buy at any time, no matter the market, in the Property Buyer’s Guide to Currency.

And don’t miss your free country buying guides to fully understand the process for ski home buyers to go through when buying internationally.

Three-bedroom apartment in Verbier, Switzerland.