Apr 09, 2020 / LIFESTYLE

Why paying attention to work life balance is so important right now

Find ways to do more of what you love

As Covid-19 spreads, our work practices are changing. Many of us are working from home, and whilst that brings challenges of its own, we may find that skirting the morning commute and being away from the distractions of an office environment gives us a little more time - time to pursue what is touted as the holy grail of modern life – the work life balance.

It’s a phrase that’s so common, it’s almost lost its meaning, but the importance of prioritising what is truly valuable has never been more stark.

Balanced body and mind

Increased pressure on our mental resources is inevitable in such an unprecedented time of crisis, but we can use the challenges of this time to help us identify what we value. Our focus can shift from being solely trained on our professional achievements, to exploring and revisiting what really makes us tick. Restrictions on daily living curtail what we can do – but they don’t curtail how we think, and this is a perfect time to plan where we want to spend our time and energy when our world becomes more open again.

Enjoy the mountains all year round

You may be noticing how much you enjoy seeing more of your family (and how much of the day to day you miss), you may be able to exercise more frequently, or simply find that your daily walks mean you’re more aware of the rhythm and beauty of the natural world. These are things we need to hold on to. The fact that daily exercise has now become one of our only ways of leaving our homes have made it more appealing, and almost a treat.

Exercise has become an intrinsic part of life, and the physical and mental benefits are palpable, and certainly worth maintaining.

What can I change going forward?

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Relax in your own space

One of the best things about heading to somewhere as carefully chosen as your own property is that you can plunge straight into enjoying time with your family and friends, rather than wondering whether your accommodation will be all you hoped, or if you’ve chosen to stay in a less appealing part of town.

Your time away starts the minute you turn the key to your holiday home or ski apartment, and because many of our properties are in resorts that are truly dual season, you can enjoy the pleasure of the countryside and mountains all year round.

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In light of the current global challenges, we’ve also put together some thoughts on how to continue looking for properties during the Covid-19 crisis. We also offer a wide range of investment guides.