Will 2020 be the year of the dual-season ski home?

Could 2020 be the year of the dual-season ski home for property buyers?

For many of us who had been planning a home purchase this year, the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has been a moment to take stock of those plans and really think about what is important. For many people, with a renewed emphasis on outdoor space, being away from crowds, short travel distances and even a changing rentals market, a dual-season ski resort looks more and more attractive.

A year-round appeal

Dual-season ski resorts have been growing in popularity over the past two decades, with more and more emphasis placed not just on the winter activities but also the possibilities of a summer in stunning surroundings. From hiking and mountain-biking to climbing, golf and even white-water rafting, many resorts offer so much to do that ‘off-season’ hardly seems the right term.

Five-bedroom chalet for sale in Megève.

And, after two months of lockdown in many areas, the appeal of a holiday home with access to the great outdoors is clear – all the more so in this situation, when you consider that the Alps and Pyrenees are likely to be much less crowded than the Mediterranean beaches. A home in Chamonix, for instance, gives 400km of hiking trails, so plenty of room to escape!

Easy access

Long-haul flights are perhaps unlikely to recover as quickly in the current climate, whether due to restrictions or simply passengers not feeling comfortable spending extended periods of time in enclosed public transport. While aviation bosses have been making the case that travelling by plane may well be the safest out of that, train travel and bus/coach travel, due to filtration systems, people’s concerns are still understandable.

Five-bedroom villa in Villars.

So anyone looking for a European holiday home in 2020 may well again find themselves alighting on a dual-season ski home, situated largely in Central Europe and just a short flight or drive from most major cities.

Growing rentability

Could 2020 surprisingly turn out to be the year of the private rental? At the start of lockdown, we heard plenty about the death of Airbnb and similar businesses, but, as travel returns across the continent, those renting out their homes may find the opposite is true.

Three-bedroom chalet in St. Lambrecht.

As people look to escape for their summer holiday and, as above, perhaps turn to the mountains, are they likely to want to stay in large hotels, even if they are under capacity? More and more, industry commentators are expecting private rentals to grow in popularity for those concerned about cleanliness or just shared spaces.

With the ability to attract summer tourists away from traditional summer destinations, as well as the usual ski crowd in winter, then, a dual-season ski home could prove a versatile investment.

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