Will Furano lead the way to ski resort recovery?

Talk of recovery trends continue and opportunities in Japan seem to be leading the way, with Furano taking centre stage.As well as strong domestic appeal (pre-Covid the resort saw up to 2 million visitors) Furano is seeing growth in the international market, with a visitor increase of 12% in the period from 2015-2019. 

Many of these travellers are repeat guests, and many are showing an interest in a more permanent mountain base. Recent years have seen average land prices increase at significant levels – Nakafurano for example reached a high of 83%.

Why are land prices increasing in Furano?

As more travellers discover the charms of this dual season resort, then the demand for accommodation grows, and this accommodation needs to be of resort grade to make the most of repeat visitor loyalty. Whilst the branded hotel offering has been largely absent, increased enthusiasm for the region means more and more opportunity for development of hotel and residential areas that will appeal to the global traveller.

What type of property are people buying in Furano?

The most popular residential property is a 2 or 3 bedroom space, with a strong indicator that family style developments are most sought after. This fits with global trends post-pandemic, that have seen people seeking longer term stays to reduce environmental impact. Combine this with possibilities raised by opportunities for remote working and the reasons behind the desire for a space that could work as a family home are clear. 

As well as a space that offers potential for a versatile secondary home, or even a part time primary residence, investors are seeing the potential Furano holds as an international ski resort. As more and more people discover the year round charms of this unique part of Japan, then the growth potential for hotel style resorts increases. Predictions are that this area of development will be a key player in the maximisation of Furano as an all season destination for visitors.

Spacious interiors in Furano apartment

What does Furano have to offer?

Furano is already super popular in Japan – some consider it more famous than Niseko. It has the same superior powder snow, with an average 9m of snowfall each season. It has a variety of runs over 30km of slopes and offers a magical night skiing experience. 

Steeper slopes

Furano also has something not found in many Japanese ski resorts – it’s varied terrain means super steep runs that offer ongoing challenges. Owning a property here means maximum appeal for skiers of all skill levels and all preferences.

Dual season resort

Furano is as famous for its lavender fields as it’s powder, and summer brings countless visitors to gaze at the spectacle of acres of purple scented fields stretching out beneath the clear blue skies. This is an area that allows people to fully absorb the majesty and power of the natural world in all seasons. And all these visitors need somewhere to stay.

Away from the slopes, visitors can immerse themselves in Japanese culture - choosing to relax in an onsen at the end of their day, and of course there are numerous places to enjoy Japanese cuisine. 

Future development in Furano

As well as an increased offering for visitors such as the much anticipated Fenix East from Zekkei, and Koo House Furano from Supernova Furano GK, the next few years will see a huge improvement to transport links. The scheduled extension of the Shin-Hakodate to Sapporo line means that by 2030 journey time to Furano from Tokyo will be just four hours and thirty minutes. As well as improved rail links, forthcoming privatisation of Chitose and Asahikawa Airport are likely to increase international visitors and so increase demand for hotel style accommodation. 

Properties in Furano

SnowOnly is a ski property portal, which means we have access to all types of property, including new developments. If you hope to find a space for remote working, and longer vacations, then something like this 2 bedroom apartment with garden space could be just the thing. It’s part of one of Furano’s newest developments and offers a host of features to make holidays or longer stays simple. 

If you’re looking for something with even more potential to become a family base in the mountains, then somewhere like this four bedroom house in Kitanomine is ideal. It has news over Furano itself, as well as the mountains and offers spacious living areas. 

Investors and second home hunters are excited to snap up the second phase of the Fenix West development. Phase one sold out in record time, and this second phase is due for completion and handover late 2022. There are a range of apartments available, including this 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 3 key apartment. Many have views of the Daisetsuzan mountain range and all apartments have impeccably appointed interiors. They’re ideal as a holiday home, or for investors who want to be part of the next phase of growth in Furano. 

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