Dec 07, 2018 / FRANCE

Hirmentaz Property Investment Guide

With stunning views overlooking Lac Léman, set in a stunning mountainous landscape, Hirmentaz, and closely set Habères, form one of the most family-friendly ski resorts and winter holiday locations

    in France. Combining the classic style and feel of a mountain village with all the modern amenities of a small, but perfectly formed resort, Hirmentaz is a little further away from the crowds.

From casual fans of winter sports through to those who take their skiing seriously, or even those who prefer to curl up with a good book while admiring the snowy landscape and beautiful views,

    Hirmentaz has something for everyone. There's plenty of local flora and fauna to explore outside of peak season, while the slopes themselves offer different locations for all levels, novice to


Renowned for its warm and friendly atmosphere, Hirmentaz integrates classic French culture with a tourist-centric approach, making it perfect for an all-inclusive industry - with

    just about every need and requirement catered for within the resort and surrounding areas. For those looking to avoid larger, highly commercial skiing sites that can sometimes feel overwhelming,

    Hirmentaz offers an appealing alternative.

Living in Hirmentaz

Incorporating beautiful views over Mont Blanc and the local lake, there's much to admire about

    Hirmentaz, including the slower pace of life enjoyed by visitors and locals to the area alike. There's less hustle and bustle than a typical ski resort and the environment is great suited for

    young families or those with older children.

Featuring 25 slopes and 15 ski lifts, the site is on a smaller scale but still comfortable. A classic French mountain town, there's a lot to

    explore both in and around Hirmentaz. There's a variety of different cuisines and shopping available in the village, and easy access to other local resorts and beautiful sightseeing locations.

    With so much to do, there's never any time left over to be bored; even for the most active of people.

Culture and lifestyle in Hirmentaz

Thanks to its

    self-proclaimed family-friendly atmosphere, Hirmentaz goes above and beyond many other resorts when it comes to a sense of community, welcoming all local and international visitors. With slopes

    designed for a variety of skill levels or ages, as well as lessons available on piste for children and adults alike, there's something for everyone to enjoy during the winter season.


    of the colder months, Hirmentaz still has plenty to offer, with mountaineering, hiking and even biking available to allow visitors to continue to enjoy and explore the local area. Cross-country

    skiing and other outdoor activities are also available in the colder months, adding further variety to what you can do during in the village and resort.

Why choose


Property within the Bellevaux and Hirmentaz area is increasingly sought after but still affordable, with prices for the more luxurious holiday properties and housing

    averaging €300-500k for a four-bed property in the beautiful resort town.

Thanks to cleverly-designed features and well-invested infrastructure, Hirmentaz already has all the modern

    amenities that visitors could need, from highly maintained ski lifts and well-managed slopes to authentic and tourist-friendly infrastructure. New developments of attractive resort properties and

    amenities are becoming approved and being built in this beautiful town.

Weather in Hirmentaz

Hirmentaz benefits from the best of both worlds, where both the

    snow season and the warmer months are remarkably consistent year to year, with the colder ski season running from December-March. This shorter period makes Hirmentaz all the more desirable during

    the snowy months. For up-to-date snow and weather reports, take a look at our resort guide here.

With weather often clear, visitors will

    be able to make the most of those months with gentle snowfall, clear skies and excellent visibility that lends itself well to a week or two of enjoying the slopes and pistes.

Transport to Hirmentaz

Despite being slightly off the beaten

    path, Hirmentaz is very well-connected, with a multitude of travel options available to and from

    the resort that are suitable and practical for both local and international families. Nine airports are within a two-hour journey of the location, including Geneva, Annecy and Chambery.

For alternative travel to Hirmentaz, travel by car is also available, and the ideal option for visitors looking to tour the various resorts available in the area, with clearly signposted routes and

    a relatively easy journey from the majority of airports. Coaches or private cars may also be available as additional travel options.