May 08, 2019 / FRANCE

Isola 2000 Property Investment Guide

A mesmerizing snowy haven hidden in the heart of the French mountains, the Isola 2000 is where travel-hungry nomads find their fill of unparalleled skiing experiences. Resting on the very top of the Southern Alps, this trendy resort provides snow lovers with an incredibly large and varied terrain to ski and explore. Isola 2000 was opened in 1972 and has since progressed to become one of the most beloved ski destinations in France today.

The resort boasts healthy air in a stunning environment, bright sunshine and most importantly – lots of snowfall. For years now, ski fans and nature lovers from around the planet have visited Isola 2000, drawn to its picture-perfect slopes, rich culture and prime skiing conditions.

The ski resort lies together with the town of Isola 2000, giving visitors the opportunity to soak up a colourful culture while immersing themselves in endless activities. The surroundings offer lots of freedom and experiences in nature to captivate adults and children alike. And if a property in this town is what you’re after, you certainly won’t be disappointed. There are many interesting property investments in Isola 2000, including apartments, chalets and other luxury housing options.

Living in Isola 2000 and Things To Do

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a good ski run. The Isola 2000 resort has a skiable area of twenty square kilometres and offers ski runs for people at all skill levels. Skiers can choose from a selection of 43 black, red, blue and green runs. Beginners and intermediates are encouraged to begin with the easier blue and green runs, before moving on to the more challenging variety of runs designed for competitive skiers.

The lift system at Isola 2000 is extensive and includes two Gondola lifts, nine chair lifts and ten button lifts for maximum ease. Plans are already underway to modify the resort's ski lifts and to introduce new gliding equipment, gears and even snowscoots to enhance every visitor's skiing experience.

Isola 2000 is also a fantastic retreat for kids of all ages. Children are treated to safe and fun ski training with the ESF’s Piou Piou club, while also being encouraged to engage in plenty of other enjoyable activities such as snowshoeing and snowboarding.

High up on the ski paths, the views are irresistibly beautiful and will keep you wanting for more. For a view of the sea on a clear day, you just need to get to the peak of the Cime de Cistron. The slopes here are easy to get to and skiing is possible for a long while even after the season ends.

The snowfall at Isola 2000 tends to be decent for most of the year thanks to the 2000m high altitude, but the best skiing conditions are in January when the mountain’s unique positioning gives way to gorgeous sunny weather and intense snow. According to the latest snow and weather report, the resort enjoyed a snowfall of 240 cm last year with an average base depth of 78 cm and an average summit depth of 103 cm. You can find the latest snow and weather reports here in our Isola 2000 resort guide.

In addition to skiing on the courses, Isola 2000 offers guests a handful of other snow sports such as snowboarding, freestyle skiing and cross-country skiing. And if you want to spend more time outdoors, there are a number of activities you can try out. Nature lovers are welcome to explore the stunning forest routes leading out from the mountain. You can also go mountain biking, visit the Ropes park and do some hiking in the Mercantour national park.

If a day of being pampered indoors is what you desire, head over to the resort’s luxurious spa which offers a variety of amazing massage services. Other services you can receive here include facials and reflexology, as well as Thai, Shiatsu and herbal treatments. For more indoor relaxation experiences, you can try the resort’s yoga classes, swimming pool or visit the wellness centre which specializes in relaxing massage treatments and other health services.

Leisure and Culture in Isola 2000

Liven up your ski holiday by soaking up some local cuisine and culture. The town sports a number of family-friendly restaurants that cook up delectable mountain and Mediterranean inspired dishes. Visit these shops for some quality mountain food such as fondues and raclette. But if you’re in the mood to grab something closer to home, you can easily find places that serve hot pizza or crepes.

The locals in town are always friendly and willing to point you in the right direction. Explore the shops here to uncover a few cultural surprises and tasty snack stops. Isola 2000 also has a number of grocery stores and gift shops where you can find interesting souvenirs.

The Isola 2000 town is incredibly vibrant and busy with ski-lovers looking for their next adventure. The town’s rising popularity and picturesque setting make it one of the most investable ski towns in the country. You’ll even find a bank, clothes stores, laundrette service and a post office here. There are a lot more things to do in Isola 2000 – you can go bowling, ice driving, paragliding, ice karting, sleigh riding, snowmobiling and so much more.

Investment potential in Isola 2000

With ski enthusiasts traversing the globe to experience the best ski locations, the investment potential in this quaint town has never been as good as it is today. The resort has begun to reap the benefits of the recent investment made by the Alpes-Maritime Council to upgrade old lifts. Known as the Valette six pack, this new lift system is 1095 m long and can rise to a vertical height of 500 m. It can also carry up to 3000 passengers every hour, which reduces the possibility of any crowding during peak hours.

You'll find a number of other ski resorts close to Isola 2000, such as Belle Etoile, Centre Nordique Du Boreon, Blainon and Syndicat ESF Auron.

The town also offers every type of accommodation you can think of, from luxury chalets and apartments to houses and spacious villas. Many of the more recent properties are featured in Isola 2000 offer incredible benefits such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis and saunas while also boasting easy access to the skiing slopes.

Transport to Isola 2000

Isola 2000 enjoys a convenient location at only a 90 Km drive away from the Nice airport. Transportation is simple as you can find regular buses that will take you to and from the ski resort throughout the week. However, if you don’t want to deal with public transport, you can simply rent a car and drive up to the resort. The closest airport to Isola 2000 besides the one in Nice is located in Turin, which is about 2 hours and 40 minutes away.

The summers at Isola 2000 are just as action-packed as the winters and helps the resort bring in more tourists and investors each year. With scenic sights, modern luxury and lasting snowscapes, Isola 2000 has all the right ingredients for a fantastic holiday getaway that’s worth investing in.