Dec 20, 2018 / AUSTRIA

Lech Property Investment Guide

A large yet exclusive ski resort with exceptional facilities, Lech, Austria, does not disappoint. In fact, it is considered one of the best ski resorts in the world.

The Arlberg, which is the ski area here, has an altitude ranging from 1300 to 2811m, meaning there is a 1500m vertical drop. Rather than being a mountain, the Arlberg is more of a mountain pass of the Alps, which connects the federal Austrian states of Vorarlberg and Tirol. You will only need one pass here in the winter to explore the entire ski area. This is the Arlberg Card, which will give skiers access to 180 km of deep snow runs, 276 km of slopes, as well as over 80 inclines and lifts.

The terrain here is split up into the following: 17 per cent expert runs, 40 per cent advanced runs, and 43 per cent intermediate runs, so there really is something for all levels of capability. Most years, the ski resort is open for around 143 days, offering a lengthy period in this winter wonderland.

Living in Lech

Living in Lech is a treat for the eyes to say the least. The imposing Alps surround the village, which is home to over 1,400 residents. Of course, Lech is best known for its skiing, both off-piste and on-piste. Mechanical lifts ensure it is well connected with the likes of Schrocken, Warth, Stuben, St. Anton, St. Christoph, and Zurs.

In 2017, there were 41 days of snowfall, with 645 cm in total. The biggest snowfall was 100 cm, with the maximum base depth 195 cm. The average base depth of snow was 139 cm. In terms of weather; throughout the winter you can expect lows of -7 and highs of 5. During the summer months, you can expect lows of 6 and highs of 18. For updated weather and snow reports, take a look at our resort guide here.

Culture and things to do in Lech

While there is no denying that skiing is the main attraction, there are plenty of other things to do in Lech. While the area may not be as popular during the summer, there are lots of activities, including culinary, cultural, and sporting activities, to keep the summer visitor busy.

Some of the most notable cultural interests include the Green Ring, which is a three-day tour around Lech-Zurs. As part of this hiking tour, you will witness 35 art installations, which are all about local stories, culture, and people. Horizon Field is also worth a visit. This is an installation of life-sized human sculptures, which have been placed in the mountains surrounding Lech. There were 100 of these originally erected, but now only a few remain.

You also have the historic Huber House, which is a museum showcasing the earlier way of work and life in Austria. It features an original workshop and kitchen. The Church of St Nicholas is another major cultural attraction. It was built in 1390 in a gothic style and was then extensively renovated in 1987.

Investment potential in Lech

Investing in Lech is a wise decision, to say the least. This is one of the biggest ski resorts in Austria, attracting a huge number of people every winter, and it is a place that is constantly being developed and renovated. Most recently, there were heavy lift refurbishments and optimisations for the 17/18 winter season. This sort of thing is a regular occurrence in Lech, a place that never rests on its laurels – it was only in 2012/13 that there were new ski facilities installed.

From apartments to chalets, there is something for all budgets in Lech. Another great thing about this part of Austria is that it attracts a wide range of people. Not only was Bridget Jones’ Diary 2 shot here, but Lech is a popular holiday destination with celebrities and Royal families too.

Transport to Lech

The closest airport to Lech is Innsbruck Airport, which is 120 km away. You then have Friedrichshafen Airport (128 km) and Zurich Airport (196 km). You will probably find that Innsbruck is the most convenient. Not only is it the closest, but there are a lot of low-fare scheduled flights from major destinations like London. You can then hire a car or organise transport from the hotel. If you are unable to fly into Innsbruck, Zurich may be the second-best option as a lot of flights are scheduled here. If a transfer is not available as part of your airline deal, there is a local bus company that runs a feeder bus into Arlberg on Saturdays. Another option is to take the train.