Dec 20, 2018 / FRANCE

Les Contamines-Hauteluce Property Investment Guide

Located in the Pays du Mont Blanc area of France, the Les Contamines-Hauteluce ski resort is a dream come true for fans of skiing and snowboarding. This resort spreads over an area of 120 km. It consists of a spectacular, breath-taking view of sprawling snowy slopes. It is located near the towns and villages of Les Contamines-Montjoie (1.6 km away), Hauteluce (6 km away), Le Lay (4 km away), Belleville (0.1 km away), and Notre Dame de la Gorge (0.4 km).

The area has a population of 1,200 people, and movement around the resort is made easy with 24 lifts that transport visitors to different parts and levels of the mountains and terrain. The resort has 46 different trails, perfect for exploring the picturesque landscape. Due to the other exciting resorts, parks, mountains and breath-taking landscape in the surrounding areas, this area will continue to grow in value and to gain more interest with time for investors, tourists, and people seeking a new home in the best parts of the world. There are 4 gondola lifts and 8 chairlifts available in the area, as well as 12 T-bar/button/platter lifts.

The Les Contamines-Hauteluce area is a region blessed with up to 200cm of snow on average at upper depths. Due to its altitude, the ski season usually ranges form mid-December to mid-April. For updated snow and weather reports, take a look at our Les Contamines resort guide here.

Living in Les Contamines

Should you visit, you will find that the people are extremely friendly to strangers or tourists, and if you speak just a few French words or some basic French, they will go out of their way to be of assistance. The locals are very familiar with the area and will be of great help in pointing out directions or even giving you a free tour guide. Many of them love skiing, but that does not mean that they are always rolling down the mountains. Other local games include sledges and mountain climbing.

The lift transport is a rare treat and offers an easy way to move around and to get brilliant glimpses of the view. Security has been high in the area, and cases of crime have been remarkably few. People seeking facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping, or hotels will find them easily. Some people also find the area's closeness to Chamonix as an easy route to Italy, or for people from Italy to visit.

Things to do in Les Contamines

Besides the fabulous sloping snow-capped mountains and glaciers, this area has national reserves and wildlife parks nearby and is an excellent attraction for hikers, skiers, and mountain climbers. This makes it a fantastic investment location. Regardless of the season, there are always activities (skiing, hiking, mountain climbing) that draw thousands of tourists and locals alike. Both houses and land have seen a rise in demand in the area.

During summer, hordes of tourists and sporting enthusiasts visit the resort for mountain climbing activities, while in the winter, thousands of skiers visit. One other thing that speaks in favour of the resort is that it offers skiing opportunities not only for intermediate and expert skiers but amateurs and children as well. It has been known to attract and cater to families, as well as couples and single skiers. Some people also like to visit nearby attractions such as the du Massif Wildlife Park and the surrounding sceneries.

Investment potential in Les Contamines

Due to the fantastic view and the sight-seeing opportunities, there has been a sharp increase in properties for sale in the areas around the resort. There are ski apartments and ski chalets available for sale for people considering living in Les Contamines-Hauteluce, or for short-term visitors seeking to rent available accommodation. The houses have unique, attractive designs. Many of the properties are located near the lifts and shopping centres, making movement very convenient. There are also properties in serene areas. Buyers can choose from a range of properties based on individual investment needs. One thing is for sure; no matter where the property is situated, the area offers a spectacular view of the surrounding mountain slopes.

Transport to Les Contamines

The nearest airport to the resort is Geneva, while the nearest train station is Saint-Gervais. It is located in the area known as the French Alps, and it is an hour and a quarter’s (75 minutes) drive from the Geneva airport, and 15 minutes from the train station of Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains-Le Fayet and also from the Auto route A40 highway. It is located in between the Chamonix and Megève resorts, near Mont Blanc. Its proximity to Chamonix makes Italy easily accessible via the Mont Blanc.

The Les Contamines-Hauteluce ski resort is undeniably one of the most famous holiday sites in the world, especially for people who love skiing and mountain climbing. It is also, without a doubt, one of the best places one can choose to live in - especially those who love fantastic views, nature trails, and the outdoors.