Dec 07, 2018 / FRANCE

Les Gets Property Investment Guide

High up in the Southern French Alps, skirting the border with Switzerland is the alpine resort town of Les Gets. With a population of only 1,500, this resort has a classic mountain village feel, with a calm and relaxed atmosphere that makes it perfect for all-comers. Enjoy the most modern ski resort technology coupled with the historical feeling and charm of an authentic Alpine village in Les Gets.

Naturally, one of the main draws of Les Gets is the resort itself. Lack of choice is not a problem when it comes to Les Gets resort. Sitting between 3000 and 6000ft, the resort offers visitors a diverse selection of slopes, runs, and trails, with the notable feature of a black run that snakes right along the French-Swiss border for an added touch of drama. Recently, a large amount of investment has been placed into upgrading the infrastructure of the resort’s chairlifts and cable cars, with 9.5 million years being poured into replacing the Ranfolly chairlift in 2017.

As well as being a fantastic place to ski or snowboard in its own right, Les Gets is part of the Les Portes du Soleil resort collection, and a ski-pass will allow you access to all eleven other resorts both in France and Switzerland. The well-maintained routes between resorts means you can experience a wide range of slopes and trails in a day, mixing exhilaration with exploration seamlessly. Click here for more comprehensive information about what makes Les Gets a fantastic snow-sports destination for all ages and abilities. (

Living in Les Gets and things to do

Les Gets has more to offer than stunning Alpine runs, with an array of cultural delights and exciting activities available. For thrill-seekers, Les Gets has numerous bike parks and mountain trails, kayaking, ice skating, and many similarly exciting activities for the warmer months of the year. The town also plays host to a number of music and arts festivals during the spring and summer, including the World Mechanical Music Festival (there is even a mechanical music museum if you want to discover what it is!)

For food and drink, there are many characterful cafés and restaurants showcasing the best of local cuisine and wine. Equally, the town has supermarkets and a variety of stores and pharmacies, so you can stay in and enjoy a slice of Reblochon in the comfort of your own living room. The combination of culinary delights, natural beauty, and a tourism-reliant economy providing all the amenities you could need, you won’t be short of sights to see or things to do in Les Gets.

Weather in Les Gets

The weather of Les Gets is like that of the whole area of Portes du Soleil, and the resort experiences a long season that spans from the early days of December and ending around late April – meaning an Easter ski-holiday is still very much a possibility. November sees the heaviest snowfall for the area, but local authorities and the resorts make sure that both roads and slopes are fastidiously maintained. Being in the Southern French Alps, Les Gets and the surrounding region experiences fairly temperate spring and summer months despite the altitude, a factor that may explain the resort’s year-round appeal.

Investment opportunities in Les Gets

When it comes to property investment in Les Gets, chalet and apartment prices in the resort are moderately high, but quite reasonable compared to similar Alpine resort towns. However, the level of modern luxury, timeless aesthetic appeal, and unparalleled convenience that you get for your investment is hard to dispute. An apartment will most likely be from the newer build developments that are still distinctly Alpine in appearance and will likely cost within the region of $750-900,000 dollars for a 3-bedroom listing.

Being a small but hugely popular destination for tourists in both the ski season and off-season, investing in a property in Les Gets is a great choice, not least because it would mean having your own place to stay amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire continent.

Making your property available for rental during the ski season is a dependable way to earn from your investment as the resort relies heavily on the influx of tourists coming to enjoy the Alpine powder, making seasonal accommodation a highly valued commodity. If you want to keep your property immaculate even whilst absent, there are companies in the town that will clean and maintain your home for a reasonable expense.

The resort also offers you dual-season opportunities to make your property available to rent, as the town has an array of year-round tourist attractions that make it a draw for visitors even during the spring and summer months, giving you even more potential to make returns on a property investment in Les Gets.

Transport to Les Gets

Being only an hour from Geneva, the extensive ski resort of Les Portes du Soleil is classified as a cross-border destination, straddling France and Switzerland and attracting a huge amount of custom and popularity.

Nearby three major airports; Lyon Saint Exupery, Annecy and Geneva – Cointrin, Les Gets is easily accessed by air. From an airport, you can simply take a bus or hire a car to the Les Gets resort. It takes just over an hour to travel to Les Gets from Annecy and Geneva by car, and only two and a half hours from the city of Lyon in France.

If you are looking to investing in resort property, the charming village of Les Gets is brimming with possibilities and could be the ideal way to enjoy a slice of the mountain life and reaping the rewards of a promising investment opportunity.