Dec 07, 2018 / FRANCE

Samoëns Property Investment Guide

Often named as one of France's top resort areas, Samoëns is truly one of the most coveted ski locations within the French borders. The Samoëns resort combes the luxury and all the amenities of a modern ski resort with a beautiful historic town centre and views that are more than worth the journey. There's something for everyone at this resort-rich, multi-slope location which includes many lifts, pistes and sights. The resort includes areas for all levels, from beginner to expert, to enjoy.

From hardcore winter sports lovers to those who prefer to take in the sights and sounds, or even those who prefer to watch the snow falling from inside with a good book, Samoëns caters to all equally. The resort includes plenty of things to do and see in and around the area, as well as excellent opportunities to develop your ski skills, enjoy local cuisine and explore the surrounding areas during the warmer months of the year.

An ancient village as famous for its stonemasonry as its skiing, with Samoëns you get much more than you would from your standard, modern ski resort - with an experience that keeps both local and international visitors coming back time and time again to enjoy the ambience.

Living in Samoëns

Already well-established with a total of five resorts in the nearby area; Flaine, Samoëns, Morillon, Sixt and Les Carroz, Samoëns might just now be becoming more popular with international visitors and tourists - but it's been a well-kept and much-loved destination for native French families, couples and groups for as long as the town has existed. As such, Samoëns still retains a very much French feel - perfect for those who live to immerse themselves in local culture and lifestyles.

With 80% of the local Grand Massif's slopes facing northward, and including over 265km of piste to enjoy, there's plenty of room for everyone. generous and replenishing coating of snow throughout the winter period that's sure the delight even the most solitary skier. With such a prime location, it's no wonder that Samoëns is evolving at a rapid rate, with Europe's longest 6-seat lift, the TSD6 Coulouvrier, being one of the most recent developments, with more always underway.

Culture and lifestyle in Samoëns

A distinctly French history and style lend this beautiful town its own unique charm, while still having complete connectivity to all the resources, cuisines and luxuries you could want thanks to the generous resorts available in the nearby area. For a more authentic experience, Samoëns' pedestrianised centre offers the perfect places to relax and unwind and enjoy the local food and drink.

A perfect blend of new, efficient designs, such as the brand-new ski lifts, combined with the classic French style of the town proper makes Samoëns the ideal location for families or couples who like a little variety in their holiday times. From exploring the local flora and fauna, mountaineering or taking on the slopes to a leisurely stroll around the shops and soaking in the local French vibe, Samoëns has activities for all interests.

A brand-new structure, including a gym and an indoor pool is also planned to be introduced in 2020, adding even more to experience at this resort - alongside the restored and improved outdoor pools and existing facilities that already make Samoëns the perfect holiday destination for many.

Why choose Samoëns?

Increasingly desirable and one of France's best-kept secrets up until a few years ago, Samoëns is the perfect place to invest. Considering its year-round popularity, you can't really lose, whether you're a fan of the slopes, enjoy the peace and quiet of the off-season or simply want to watch the world go by from a wonderfully scenic location.

A variety of cafes, restaurants, shopping opportunities and of course all the luxuries you'd want within the resort caters for just about any taste or lifestyle. As such, Samoëns is the perfect destination for all - a welcoming place to enjoy the snow, appreciate the stunning views and get together with friends and families on the picture-perfect slopes and pistes.

Weather in Samoëns?

The snow report for Samoëns can vary, but generally, there's more than enough time in the year to enjoy the cold. The weather report Samoëns tends to be on-point year-round, making Samoëns a good bet for a holiday in-season. The standard on-season runs from December-April, making it even more exclusive to those who love getting their time out on the slopes - and even more of a desirable location for those five months of the year.

Transport to Samoëns

Travelling to Samoëns is thankfully well-established, as you'd expect with there being so many local resorts to enjoy. For local travel or touring, Samoëns is connected to motorways and main roads with clear signposting, making getting from A to B a simple task. For international travellers, flying to Geneva is the best - and cheapest - solution, situated just 60km, or around an hour, from the resort.

Rail travel is also a viable option to visit Samoëns, as well as utilising a coach or private car service, with a variety of different options available to match your needs and requirements.