Dec 20, 2018 / AUSTRIA

Seefeld - Rosshϋtte Property Investment Guide

The Seefeld ski resort area in Austria is well known for its much-enjoyed funicular. While this is a major drawcard for visitors from far and wide, the Seefeld area has a lot more to offer.

During winter, the slopes, which expand for more than 20 km, offer extensive and exhilarating skiing fun for both newbies to the sport and avid annual enthusiasts. The area plays the perfect host to adrenaline junkies (especially at the ‘crazy hole’ fun park), off-piste powder snow fans, freestyle ski enthusiasts and even small children just starting out.

The slope altitudes range from 1,200 and 2,064 m. On a clear day, the view of the surrounding mountains is absolutely breath taking. Investors interested in ski resorts will undoubtedly fall in love with the scenery, the lifestyle and the earning potential that the area promises.

The ski resort is situated in Tirol, an old farming area in Austria. The people are warm, friendly and welcoming. While it is a quaint area, its position and skiing opportunities make Tirol a popular tourist destination. The local population is estimated at 3440 (as of November 2018).

Living in Seefeld

While traditions, customs, and interesting sights offer titbits to potential investors, the facilities of Rosshϋtte and Seefeld are most important. The ski resort is located in the Olympia region which places it in a great location for “ready-made” tourist interest. For skiing and snowboard, there is 18.3 km of slopes to enjoy! Of the total of 18.3 km of slopes, 11.4 km are considered “easy”, 5.9 km are considered “intermediate”, and 1 km is considered “difficult”. The longest run, which is 4.7 km, is the Seefelder Joch and it has an elevation difference of 834 m.

There are 11 lifts available to transport guests, and the winter sports area offers elevations of between 1,230 and 2,064 m. Access to the resort is made possible by 2 aerial tramways, a funicular, 2 six-seater chairlifts with seat warmers and weather protectors, 1 six-seater chairlift with weather protectors, 5 tow lifts and 2 magic carpets. The resort also has 208 snow cannons for artificial snow-making on all slopes, although it seldom depends on them. Night skiing is also offered in certain areas until 9 pm.

The Rosshϋtte Seefeld ski resort area offers a ski holiday paradise for winter holidaymakers. The area is called the Tyrolean Alps and consists of five main villages: Seefeld, Leutasch, Mösern-Buchen, Reith, and Scharnitz. For those interested in investing in a Nordic lifestyle full of rest, relaxation and entertainment, the Rosshϋtte Seefeld area doesn’t disappoint.

The Seefeld area, and thus Rosshϋtte, is a member of the “Best of the Alps” group. This is an alliance of 12 famous tourist destinations. The region offers the biggest collection of spa and well-being establishments in the Alps and boasts a plethora of 5-star hotels, cosy bed and breakfasts, guest houses and even self-catering accommodation options.

The ski resort is only open for business when snow reports are considered ideal. The current season runs from 8 December 2018 until 31 March 2019. General seasons run from early December until late March, weather dependent. Opening times of the resort are 9 am to 4.30 pm. For updated weather reports, take a look at our weather and snow report in our Seefeld – Rosshϋtte resort guide here.

Culture and things to do in Seefeld

While Rosshϋtte is a popular Austrian resort, it’s not all about sports. Its unique and historical heritage and culture are also worthy of attention. Even though sports infrastructure development and vast tourism have made Seefeld a popular place to holiday, to this day, traditional processions and feast days take place. Local dishes are also still prepared in the age-old traditional way.

The town of Seefeld offers local amenities and attractions such as a pedestrian area with a mix of boutique and retail shops, the Parish Church of St. Oswald which is over 640 years old, two gyms, a cinema, as well as restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The Return of the Cattle festival is celebrated with joy. Cattle, sheep and other livestock are moved to the lush Alpine pastures for the summer. Lorries transport them back home at the end of the summer where they are joyously received. The cattle are decorated in garlands and flowers for the return festival.

The eerie festival of Klaubaufgehen is held from 4 to 6 December. The festival is a custom where participants, also called “Kleibeife”, roam the streets after nightfall in scary masks, sheepskins, and leather belts. While the origin of this tradition is unknown, it’s still a major attraction.

History shows that Seefeld has been a popular holiday resort area from well before 1900. The area currently enjoys 1 million overnight stays annually, mostly due to winter holidaymakers. Thanks to its stunning landscapes, it is also a popular destination in summer, especially for those who enjoy scenic walking holidays.

Investment potential in Seefeld

Investors looking to turn a profit or enjoy "winter wonderland” type holidays will not go wrong when considering Seefeld - Rosshϋtte. The ski resort itself has many investments in recent years that are of interest to current and future investors.

The Seefelder Jochbahn is a 25 pax reversible tramway/ropeway, completed in 2018 that stretches over 849 m. The highest point of the ropeway is at 2,064 m. The transit time back and forth is approximately 2.40 minutes, with the tram speeding along at about 6 m per second. This new facility can carry 400 passengers per hour.

A new rope tow and beginner lift, the Sportis Megastar, stretches for just 90 m with its lift station at an elevation of 1,560m. The speed of the lift is 2 m per second and total transit time is just 50 seconds. This lift has a carrying capacity of 600 passengers per hour, and was completed in 2015

Rosshϋtte has also spent a lot of time and money on the Sportis Children’s area, a separate 20 000 m² area for children at the base station, ideal for beginners and those who want to refresh their skills. The area includes 2 Sportis Magic Carpets (long covered people-movers), Sportis Megastar (90 m long pommel lift) and a Sportis Ski Carousel. There is a dedicated playground and ski school for children. This is great news for investors as it guarantees groups and family visits.

Other developments in the surrounding area include new and updated malls and improved transport options for visitors to the area and locals. The Casino Seefeld is also an attractive prospect, located just 1.7 km from the ski resort which is about a 5 minute trip by car.

Transport to Seefeld

For quick and easy access to Seefeld, Innsbruck Airport is the best option. This airport is a mere 20 km from Rosshϋtte, around 30 minutes by car. The ski resort and the area of Seefeld can also be easily accessed by train. Depending on the train and connection times, trips take around 1 hour from the airport.