Mar 07, 2019 / FRANCE

Termignon Property Investment Guide

Situated just above the Italian border, in the heart of the French Alps, the commune of Termignon is a place of stunning serenity. Like the legendary ski resorts of Tigne and Val d’Isere, Termignon is surrounded by the Parc Nationale de la Vanoise – a protected expanse of Alpine beauty which boasts some of the best ski routes in the world.

Termignon has yet to achieve the same celebrity status as other nearby resorts. It is a small village with a population of just 400, according to the 2014 census. Yet the resort offers access to more than 125km of pristine ski slopes, offering unspoilt views of the gorgeous Vanoise area.

Furthermore, a series of recent investments in Termignon have upgraded the resort’s ski facilities and added a few new restaurants and bars to the locale.

Buying a property in Termignon represents excellent value for money, and it is one of the few Alpine villages that offers a genuine sense of local life.

Living in Termignon and Things To Do

The skiing in Termignon is some of the best that the Alps have to offer. Given its location off the beaten track, and its small local population, there are very few tourists on the slopes even during the busy season of mid-December to mid-April. For ski-lovers, this is ideal as it means that you have the chance to experience near-trackless slopes, with fine powder and incredible views.

However, Termignon won’t be able to keep its slopes a secret forever. The wider Van Cenis area is becoming increasingly popular with skiers, thanks to its abundance of ski lifts (29, at last count) and huge range of slopes which are suitable for both beginners and experts alike. Most peaks in the area reach an elevation of between 1300m and 2800m, where you can find high mountain skiing or off-piste ‘discovery’ skiing, which take you through forests of snowy pines and larch trees.

There are 73km of blue slopes, making it a great place for families to introduce their kids to the mountains. For skiers who are looking for a challenge, there are an impressive 42km of intermediate slopes, and 10km of black routes to explore. Termignon itself has 15 official slopes: eight blue, three green, and four red.

Historically, the greatest snowfall takes place between mid-December and the end of April, and it frequently reaches depths of up to 200m. For live snow reports, visit our Termignon resort guide here – where you can find your daily snow report for Termignon, as well as weather reports for Termignon and its surrounding areas.

Termignon Leisure and Culture

To date, this area has been relatively ignored by the masses, although word is starting to get out among ski fans that this is a cheap and authentic resort with excellent, practically untouched slopes. What’s more, there are plenty of things to do in Termignon, from skiing and tobogganing in the winter, to summertime hiking, and nature walks where you can track the elusive Alpine Ibex.

Termignon is famous for its annual accordion festival, which brings together accordionists from across the Alps for a traditional (and extremely French) celebration of music, wine and cheese. And speaking of cheese, no visit to Termignon is complete without indulging in the local speciality – Bleu de Termignon. This rare and cow's milk cheese is only made by a handful of locals, and it is prized by cheesemongers across the world. It is a hugely important part of life in the village, where you can enjoy it melted over potatoes (raclette) or served with vin chaud in a creamy fondue.

Transport to Termignon

Getting to Termignon is relatively straightforward, whether you are arriving by plane or car. From the UK, you can fly directly into Lyon, Milan or Geneva. From there, it is a 2-3 hour journey by car to Termignon.

The currently-expanding Chambery Airport is even closer – just 90 minutes from Termignon resort. Direct flights are available to Chambery from Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton, Cardiff, London and Leeds, with an average flight time of just two hours. This means that you could leave your home in the morning and be on the Termignon slopes by lunchtime.

From Paris or Lyon, you can take an idyllic train journey directly to the town of Modane, which is less than 20km from Termignon. Buses and shuttles regularly service this route, while car hire facilities are also available in Modane town.