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Unken Property Investment Guide

Surrounded by traditional castles, varied tree-lined mountains and historic buildings, the relaxed and unique feel of Unken can be assimilated with the Austrian word "gemütlichkeit", which can be roughly translated to equate to the Danish phenomenon of hygge. This cannot be translated into just one word in English, but rather a series of words, hygge is the feeling of comfort and coziness that creates contentment. Rather like the gentle humility of the people residing in this 2000 resident strong village, hygge can best be described as easy-going, fun and friendly, with a good measure of warmth. Sounds idyllic? That's pretty much how to imagine Unken. There are many family-friendly activities to do year-round and some pretty great skiing in winter too.

Compared with some other resorts in the area, Unken is quite traditional and offers tranquillity. Within Pinzgau, it acts as a gateway to the region and offers some interesting angles to view the stunning Salzburger Saalachtal. Largely known for hiking, there are many traditional crafts in Unken, including its history of traditional European medicine and a visit there reveals a rustic side to Austrian life as well as a picturesque landscape to enjoy.

Living in Unken and Things To Do

As a small village, Unken is intimate with only around 2000 permanent residents. That said, with a healthy turnover of skiers and hikers, the locals are welcoming to new people and there is a selection of warm and friendly inns, offering local cuisine and conversation. Hearty soups and stews are created with cattle that graze on the rich, green land, and desserts include the traditional strudel. Plus, with its proximity to Bavaria, the tapped beer tradition is thriving. The great thing about choosing to buy an investment property in Unken is that this area of Austria is cheaper than many other ski resorts, with chalets available at affordable prices.

When there’s no snow, Unken offers a charming array of local wildlife and many activities that focus on other mountain pursuits. Cycling and hiking are popular in the area and the many streams can be used for swimming and even paddle boarding. Horseback riding is also a popular way to spend summer days and the traditional hospitality of its people can be enjoyed year-round.

Austria has recently upped its game in terms of some pretty significant investment in lift systems across the country, meaning Unken is likely to increase in popularity, as there’s always a very strong guarantee of snow.

With its strong hospitality, gentle way of life and excellent slopes, Unken has already yielded significant investment and appeals to a specific type of ski enthusiast who also takes an interest in nature and tradition.

Leisure and Culture in Unken

Aside from the harmonious relationship with nature found in Unken, there are a few activities for those interested in the history and traditions of simple Austrian life. The Kniepass fortress and its museum are interesting to visit and offer insight into the farming history of the area. Visit the Traditionelle Europäische Heilkunde (Traditional European Medicine) to learn and understand more about herbal remedies and healing practises hailing from the area. Its shop sells herbal products and craft items made locally.

To the north of Unken, just a short journey away sits the idyllic village of Heutal. Peaceful, relaxing and overflowing with picture perfect trees, it offers an intimate and secluded place to practise new ski moves without interruption. Lofer is also nearby and offers state of the art charilifts and variety of fun activities for skiers of all abilities and ages, including a magic carpet ride for children.

As the snow melts, summer offers cooling mountain waters for active people to swim and relax in! A brave leap into the clear waters makes for a memorable experience.

Snow and Weather Reports for Unken

With some intermediate slopes and a four-month long season, Unken offers 11km of slopes at a variety of elevations, with good coverage. There are 4 lifts and usually consistent snow. Nearby Heutal caters to the beginners with slightly easier courses. Weather in Weissmatten

Unken benefits from an Alpine climate with decent levels of sunshine, and temperatures of -3.1 to about 10.2 can be seen throughout the December to April season. snowfall ranges from 6cm to 22cm and the powderiest days tend to land in January.

For up-to-date snow and weather reports on the area, take a look at our Unken resort guide here.

Transport to Unken

Unken is easily accessible from Germany, as it is so conveniently located almost on the German border, nestled into Bavaria! Salzburg airport is approximately 40km away, which takes only around 45 minutes, driving through stunning scenery. As is customary with skiers, many visitors choose to hire a car to transport their ski equipment. If you're heading there from Munich, leave the A8 motorway in the direction of Salzburg. When you reach the Siegsdorf/Traunstein exit, drive towards Lofer and Unken.

If you're coming from Vienna follow the Westautobahn to Salzburg. follow it through to Munich. Exit the German A8 motorway at the Bad Reichenhall exit and head straight to Lofer/Unken.