Dec 20, 2018 / FRANCE

Val d’Allos Property Investment Guide

Situated in the Southern Alps, Alpes de Haute Provence, you will find Val d’Allos. Val d’Allos is a unique alpine resort with a mountain village and two complementary ski resorts. It is close to Pra Loup (9 km), which it is connected to via a ski lift, as well as Sauze Super-Sauze (12 km) and Les Orres (22 km).

If it is diversity you are looking for, Val d’Allos provides it, which is why this area is such a great investment opportunity. From families to keen skiers, you will have a wide range of people to appeal to when renting out your ski property.

The altitude here is 2600 m at the summit and 1800 m at the base, meaning there is an 800 m vertical drop. There are 19 ski lifts here in total with 140 ha of skiable terrain. Of the 40 runs, 10 per cent are for experts, 40 per cent are advanced, 43 per cent are intermediate runs, and eight per cent are ideal for beginners.

Living in Val d’Allos and things to do

There is something for everyone living in Val d’Allos. If you search for a Val d’Allos resort guide, you will see that it is split into two resorts. Le Seignus is the family ski area, offering a variety of slopes from the easy to the more challenging. There are cabins linking this resort to the village, as well as a wide range of activities to enjoy outside of skiing, making it a great family spot.

La Foux is the other resort, which is frequented by a wide range of people, from athletic skiers to friends and family. It features the Pra-Loup ski area – a favourite with athletes and keen skiers – that joins by the Agneliers valley. Not only does this area offer a unique skiing challenge, but also the all-wood architecture is one of a kind, offering a friendly and warm environment.

You then have the village itself, which is located roughly 2 km down from Val d’Allos Le Seignus and 9 km down from Val d’Allos La Foux. This area presents everything you would expect from a mountain village in the Southern Alps. It is welcoming and charming, and there is plenty to keep you busy.

If you are interested in the snow report in Val d’Allos for 2017, there were 19 days of snowfall, resulting in 319 cm of snow. The biggest snowfall was 50 cm. The resort was open for 125 days in total. In terms of the weather report Val d’Allos typically expects lows of -10 in the winter and highs of 4. During the summer, you will experience lows of 2 and highs of 20. You can see the live snow and weather updates on our Val d’Allos resort page here.

Culture in Val d’Allos

While skiing is the main attraction, there are plenty of other things to do in Val d’Allos. The alpine architecture in the area is fantastic, and there is no better way to experience this than by witnessing the chapel of San Sebastian and the Church of Our Lady Valvert.

Another huge attraction here is the lake of Allos. This is the biggest natural lake in Europe and sits at 2,228 m above sea level. The remarkable lake boasts lots of hiking trails for cyclists and pedestrians. There are a number of other natural sites worth noting, including La Roche Grande, Col de la Petite Cayolle, Mount Pelat and Bois des Seignus.

Investment potential in Val d’Allos

It is not hard to see why buying a property in Val d’Allos appeals to so many people. This is one of the most popular ski resorts in terms of diversity. As there are two resorts to enjoy, Val d’Allos attracts groups of all sizes and people of all ages, which is music to the ears of any investor.

It is also an area that is constantly renovating and moving forward. This season, one of the main ski lifts is being renovated to improve comfort for skiers and to take them to one of the highest points of the ski area at a quicker pace.

One of the great things about investing in Val d’Allos is that there are properties to suit all budgets. You can find studio apartments for around 35,000 EUR, as well as chalets and more spacious options.

Transport to Val d’Allos

The closest airport to Val d’Allos is Nice or Turin. Most people travel to the former, as there tends to be a greater number of flights available. Nice is 141.9 km from Val d’Allos, resulting in a drive of just less than three hours.