Mar 06, 2019 / FRANCE

Ventron Property Investment Guide

Beautiful, exciting and bursting with culture are just three ways to describe the unique resort of Ventron. With a population of 996, the idyllic location is adored by residents and tourists who praise the welcoming and intimate community of the area. Located in the north-east of France, the rustic buildings are unlike any others in the world and are nestled among domineering mountains and breath-taking scenes of natural beauty.

Winter is a popular time for visiting tourists, who flock to see the fairy-tale commune blanketed by snow. Here, they engage in adrenaline-fuelled Snowsports or simply enjoy the snowy landscape. More than a just wintertime destination, there are many things to do in Ventron all year around, including sightseeing and immersing oneself in nature. Ventron is an area of unharnessed investment potential; this property investment guide for Ventron will provide you with everything you need to know about the area

Living in Ventron and Things To Do

Locals and tourists are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an activity, as there are so many things to do in Ventron. Snowsports are a popular activity for thrill seekers between December and March when snow levels on the slopes are at their peak. A Ventron resort guide can't encapsulate the magnificence of the slopes; with 10km of slopes available and some routes with an altitude of 1100m, there truly is something for skiers of every ability. There are many advanced facilities available on site, including bars and restaurants that can cater to all tastes.

With so many scenic routes to explore, Ventron is also a great summer destination for couples and families who enjoy a walking holiday. The snowy alpine peaks are transformed into mountains of greenery in the summer and the beautiful landscape attracts people from all around the world. There is so much to do in the neighbouring town of La Bresse, where people can take a leisurely walk along Lac de Lispach, a lake that cuts through the Vosges mountains. Families will love walking around La Montagne des Lamas, where Llamas roam freely and can even be fed by animal lovers. For those who love the bustling nature of city life, Strasbourg is only two hours away from Ventron; this is a great day out where tourists can visit the Notre Dame, as well as a range of historic cathedrals.

Ventron Leisure and Culture

It may be small in size, but Ventron is bursting with culture and there are many monuments to explore that delve into the rich history of the town. Every tourist visits the Chapel of the Hermitage Brother Joseph, an iconic historical monument in Ventron that was built in 1757. Located in a forest, most people opt to hike to the chapel enjoying the feeling of being immersed in greenery as they make their journey. There is also so much to learn in the Ventron textiles museum which hosts a collection of historical machines that used to make clothes to be exported.

Snow and Weather Report in Ventron

Snowfall in Ventron is relatively reliable and 75cm of the white stuff was reported in 2018. The best snow levels are between December and January, when tourist numbers are at their peak. The best snow sports conditions are right after a recent snowfall when snow is powdery, but skiers can still pick up speed on the slopes. Snow reports in Ventron are constantly updated on our Ventron Resort Guide.

Unlike other ski resorts, Ventron is just as famed for its warmer months as it is in winter. The summer weather report in Ventron is usually pleasant and temperatures in August can reach up to 26°C when the area is surrounded by lush green vegetation.

Investment Potential in Ventron

Considering the beautiful appearance and popularity of the location, buying a property investment in Ventron is a smart move. The classic ski resort and mountainous regions are attractive to tourists and locals 365 days of the year. The ski properties are great value for money, coming with all of the modern amenities that you expect from a ski resort but at a much better price compared to other resorts in France. The budget-friendly area attracts people who love to hit the slopes from all around the globe.

Ventron is attractive to potential investors as there is so much expansion potential in the area. Europa Park, one of the world's best theme parks has chosen the Alsace region to be the home of its multimedia division, which is expected to create more job opportunities in the area. A high-speed TGV train route linking Paris and neighbouring city Strasbourg has recently been completed; this makes it easier for tourists to visit the Ventron area. The beautiful landscape of Ventron is what attracts tourists in the first place, so more time and money is being invested in protecting the areas of natural beauty in the areas like Massif du Ventron; as a result, new properties are being built closer to town centres, which is an attractive selling point to potential renters and homeowners.

Transport to Ventron

Ventron is an incredibly well-connected town which is attractive to tourists who find it easy to access the resort. Only 1 hour and 23 minutes away from Basel airport, flying is the most practical way to get to Ventron. It's easy to hire a transport vehicle to get you from point A to B and there's even the option to hire a car from one of many companies in Basel. Those who live in Europe have the option of embarking on a road trip to Ventron, as the town is well connected to roads and motorways.

Hopefully, this investment guide for Ventron has opened your eyes to the value of the area. With so much to offer, investing in Ventron properties is a worthwhile decision that you'd have to be a fool to miss out on.