Dec 20, 2018 / SWITZERLAND

Veysonnaz Property Investment Guide

Veysonnaz is an iconic mountain village (elevation: 1,233 m) which overlooks the Sion district in Switzerland. Perched on a breath-taking slope, it boasts of stunning views across the Rhone valley and the Bernese Alps with its wide hiking area stretching all the way up to the snowy peaks of the Valais Alps.

This picturesque resort in Veysonnaz is part of the “Four Valleys” skiing area, as when winter rolls around the neighbouring slopes offer adventurous skiers 400 km of fun. In addition to the Veysonnaz resort, these include the resorts of Verbier, Nendaz, Thyon, Bruson and La Tzoumaz - all of which are accessible with one ski pass. The ski lifts themselves go as high as 2,450 m, guaranteeing snow for the sports aficionados.

Veysonnaz ski facilities cater perfectly to beginners and experts alike, with 412 km of downhill skiing, more than 200 pistes and operated by 90+ ski lifts. Plus, Veysonnaz is home to the Piste de l’Ours, one of the famous World Cup ski runs. This notorious slope is a 630 km vertical red run, perfect for those daring skiers looking for a thrill.

Living in Veysonnaz and things to do

There’s something unique about the Veysonnaz resort that extends beyond the natural splendour of its surroundings; a raw strip of potential for investors, the ski resort has been left relatively untouched by developers in recent years. Both the resort and the village, therefore, maintain a traditional feel, offering a rare glimpse into Swiss mountain life, a deep pull for the many tourists who visit it. With a population of only 600 inhabitants, the village is strife with a deep sense of community.

Although its population might be small, there is still enough going on to make it a vibrant hotspot for activity. The winter months themselves stretch from November to April each year, during which you can expect flocks of tourists, families and residents to take to the slopes and enjoy the winter paradise it becomes. The area also has plenty of snow sports schools, opportunities to go tobogganing, snowboarding, hiking and watching wildlife.

This scenic village boasts of natural beauty and has something for everyone when it comes to bars, restaurants, shops and hotels. On an architectural basis, the village has a charming, traditional church and rustic chalets that encapsulate the spirit of its history. If you are after a night out, Verbier is just a short drive (or ski ride) away and caters to a wide range of fun nightlife activities.

Veysonnaz is a great alternative to the jam-packed slopes of Verbier, and much more relaxed, as well as being pocket-friendly. This goes for buying a property in Veysonnaz, as investing in this popular ski-town is the perfect option for holiday-makers and residents alike. Veysonnaz is a popular location for all-year-round holidays, thanks to its breath-taking views, outdoor activities and hiking opportunities.

No matter the lifestyle you’re after - from fast-paced sports to a slower pace of rural community, Veysonnaz caters to all.

Veysonnaz snow and weather report

According to the latest snow report Veysonnaz had its last snowfall on the 1st of December, the quality of which is gripping snow, which is at 70.00 cm at mountain level.

Both Veysonnaz’s snow and weather report is very consistent, as snowfall is very reliable from November to April (the standard season months) and sometimes even off-season, making this the perfect winter wonderland in which to indulge.

Average snow depth can reach anywhere between 43 cm on top in November, to 199 cm in April, whereas snow depth on the bottom can reach 85 cm. Summit temperature averages between 5 and -5 degrees during the winter months but can be warm throughout the summer. Check here for a live update report on our Veysonnaz resort guide here.

All in all, the Veysonnaz resort offers quality snow sports for at least 6 months a year. Plus, artificial snowmakers are used to supplement snowfall on pistes where necessary throughout the ski season.

Investment potential in Veysonnaz

As you'd read in any investment guide Veysonnaz is a hotspot location. A key area of investment is property, with its classic-chalet style buildings that make up the bulk of its architecture. There are also a few lodges, apartments and hotels which are rented out during the popular winter months to tourists, so buying a property in Veysonnaz for the winter months alone is a good idea.

As Veysonnaz is smaller than its more popular neighbour Verbier, and often overlooked as a result, Veysonnaz is an underestimated gem of potential, as not much property development has tainted its traditional village decor. Because of this, Veysonnaz is a charming place to live and offers tourists an unsullied glimpse into traditional life.

However, it’s the ski resort potential that makes Veysonnaz a true investment mine. Veysonnaz continues to update its ski facilities and village amenities to make it more appealing to tourists, including eight-person gondolas, piste extensions, clubs, transport links and snow parks, all of which have sparked an influx of tourism over recent years.

Transport to Veysonnaz

Sion Airport is just an hour’s drive away from the resort, as is Sion's train station, so the resort is easily reachable by running buses and coaches that serve the region well. Motorway and traffic routes are also signposted well for practical travel to and from the resort via car.