4 reasons ski property in Samoens could be your ideal home

Reflection is a hallmark of January, and this year has given space than ever to ask more questions about what is really important. Twin this new found insight with practical changes like increased remote working (just this week Unilever announced it’s workers would be unlikely to return to the office full time) and working from somewhere you truly want to live is becoming more possible. 

Could ski property in Samoens be your ideal new home? 

Possibilities bring choices, and narrowing down which beautiful alpine village to call home can be a challenge. We think Samoens is up there with the best, so we’ve put together our top four reasons a ski property in Samoens could be your ideal new home. As ever, if you think this could be the spot for you, it’s worth signing up to our property alerts so you’re first to know about your perfect home. 

Fancy a home where you can wander out for a glance at the alps before work? A ski property in Samoens means you can do exactly that.

1. Samoens is simple to get to

One of the big stumbling blocks to relocation can be the pull of friends and family. Samoens is just under an hour from Geneva airport, plus its location means there are fewer heart-stopping hairpin bends than some other alpine towns. Being in a stunning location that’s easy to reach means you’ll have a steady stream of visitors from back home too, plus it’s easy to take a trip for work or leisure. 

2. Samoens is a real life working town

Buying a ski property in Samoens means buying a home in a real French village. Famous for its farming heritage and stonemasons, whose craftsmanship is evident in the village architecture, Samoens has been a settlement since the twelfth century. This is a place where you’ll queue alongside locals at the boulangerie and spend your evenings in restaurants that are as beloved by French families as they are visitors. 

Centered around the Gros Tilleuil - large lime tree - and packed with quaint boutiques, delis and centuries old architecture, there’s a feeling of authenticity in Samoens that can be hard to find in a purpose built resort.

Being a working town has practical benefits too. All the day to day necessities are here all year round. You’ll find all essential services, doctors, schools, libraries and the like, so your everyday needs are met. There’s the usual leisure facilities too, like a cinema and leisure centre, all alongside the very unusual playground of the Grand Massif. Nipping out for the morning paper suddenly becomes a lot more interesting when it’s set against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful mountains in Europe. 

Relaxing after work takes on a whole new meaning in stunning surroundings like these

3. Buying a ski property in Samoens means buying in a year round town

The phrase dual season resort is big news for anyone looking to buy a ski property - from an investment point of view it means great returns from the rental market as well as rampling up the resale possibilities. From a homehunters point of view it means you’ll be living somewhere you can, well, live. Living here all year means you’ll enjoy hikes up to Sixt-fer-a-Cheval to see spring flowers, take a summer trip to Cirque-du-fer-a-Cheval to marvel at the waterfall, as well as the joy of being in an impossibly pretty village all year round.

As far as activities go, there’s world renowned mountain biking (the area is host to the French National MTB Enduro) as well as a host of outdoor adrenaline fuel like rafting and climbing. There’s also some pretty good skiing…

4. Superb ski fields

As if you needed another reason to live in Samoens, it’s part of the Grand Massif, the fourth largest ski area in France. Lifts whisk you to Flaine, and the challenges of the Serpentine run or the Gers bowl, as well as giving access to Les Carroz, Morillon and Sixt.

This means access to a total of 140 different runs so there’s someone to suit experts and novices alike - perfect for all those guests. Add in the fact that you’ll enjoy panoramic views of majestic Mont Blanc, and it’s clear the skiing from Samoens is hard to beat. 

Much more than a ski property. Samoens offers homes in the mountains with year round appeal

Where could I live in Samoens? 

With prices starting at €198,000 for a one bed apartment, there’s a great range of ski property in Samoens, with many that have potential to become your new home. Places like these fantastic apartments from MGM have stunning views from the balconies, heated swimming pool and a wealth of high end facilities. If you’re looking for somewhere that’s more than a little bit special then this beautiful belle epoque house complete with a garden, terraces with mountain views and glorious interiors is one of the most beautiful homes in Samoens.

Away from the village there are pretty hamlets with beguiling alpine chalets that cry out to be a family home or opportunities like this farmhouse in Sixt-fer-a-Cheval that are brimming with business potential as well as ample living space. 

You’ll find ski property in Samoens through our property portal, and because we offer homes and from a range of agents you can be confident you’re seeing the best that Samoens has to offer. To be sure of being first to spot your potential new place in the mountains, just sign up to our property alerts and get tailored options direct to your inbox. 

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