Mar 01, 2024 / PODCAST

Podcast: Insights into Val d'Isère's Property Market

In this insightful podcast, Mark Lightfoot from SnowOnly converses with Tom McCallum of Cimalpes in Val d'Isère. The dialogue illuminates the dynamics of the property market in Val d'Isère, offering a comprehensive look at investment opportunities, the appeal of the resort, and future developments.

Cimalpes and Its Presence in Val d'Isère

  • Cimalpes operates in 18 ski resorts with 23 agencies, having established its first agency in Val d'Isère, located in the upper part of the Tarentaise Valley.
  • Tom McCallum, with 2.5 years at Cimalpes, is a native of Val d'Isère, ensuring deep market and local knowledge.

Val d'Isère Unique Market

  • Val d'Isère is characterised by its centralised ski resort, contrasting with resorts like Tignes and Méribel which are spread across multiple levels.
  • The resort boasts easy access to ski slopes and amenities from various hamlets, ensuring a minimum of 15 minutes walk from the centre.
  • Key areas include La Daille, Le Fornet, and La Legettaz, each with distinct characteristics and property markets.

Property Market Insights

  • The price per square metre varies significantly across different areas of Val d'Isère, influenced by location, property size, and condition.
  • A notable increase in property values has been observed, especially in hamlets like Le Fornet, driven by limited development opportunities due to avalanche risks and strict building regulations.

Investment Considerations

  • The appeal of Val d'Isère as an investment stems from its centralised layout, limited new construction, and consistent ski conditions.
  • The market dynamics favour larger apartments and chalets, reflecting a shift in buyer preferences towards more spacious accommodations for family and friends.
  • Despite high property values, the rental return is not the primary attraction; instead, capital appreciation and personal enjoyment are the key investment drivers.

Future of Val d'Isère

  • The resort remains optimistic about its future, particularly given concerns over investing in lower-altitude ski resorts.
  • Summer activities and tourism are gaining traction, with efforts to enhance the summer appeal of Val d'Isère.

Personal Insights from Tom McCallum

  • Tom emphasises the unique qualities of Val d'Isère that attract a specific clientele, primarily focused on skiing and the village's charm.
  • He shares a personal preference for quieter areas like Le Fornet and La Legettaz, highlighting the importance of location based on lifestyle needs and preferences.


This podcast sheds light on the intricacies of Val d'Isère's property market, offering valuable insights for potential investors and those passionate about the resort. With its unique blend of traditional charm, excellent ski conditions, and evolving summer appeal, Val d'Isère continues to stand out as a premier investment destination in the French Alps.

Tom McCallum, with his deep-rooted knowledge of Val d'Isère and 2.5 years of experience at Cimalpes, offers unparalleled insights into the local property market. His expertise in identifying investment opportunities and understanding the nuances of the resort's various hamlets makes him an invaluable resource for anyone considering an investment in Val d'Isère. If you're looking to navigate this dynamic market, we encourage you to reach out to Tom McCallum directly. Discover how Tom's expertise can benefit you in finding the perfect property investment in the heart of the French Alps.