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Skiing and Food: Which Foods Best Fuel Your Ski Body?

As a skier, you’ll know that pounding those slopes day in day out is very strenuous exercise. As with any physical training routine, a good nutritious diet is essential to keep you fuelled, nourished and moving.

We have learnt what works well for the ski body over the years, so we’ve compiled a list of top foods to fuel you when you’re next on the slopes!

Breakfast first

The most important meal of the day is the plate that fuels the start of it. A skier’s breakfast should be piled high with protein, a little fat, carbs and plenty of good nutrients.

You can combine most of these things in a glass as a delicious smoothie. You can even add a scoop of protein powder, so it packs a punch! Liquid is absorbed into the body quicker than solid food so if you’re pressed for time and want to get up and out, opt for a nutritious smoothie packed with any of the following: nut milk, nut butter, leafy greens such as kale or spinach, fruits full of antioxidants like blueberries, kiwi and strawberries, honey, yogurt, nuts, cinnamon and other spices.

If you have more time to sit down and enjoy a leisurely breakfast, then here are some suggestions:

  • Wholegrain toast and eggs – whole grains are better for you and work like magic to deliver the slow release of energy which will keep you energised throughout the morning. Enjoy the eggs poached, baked, boiled or scrambled. Add avocado or cheese to this for an extra dose of healthy fat!

  • Porridge, with honey, seeds and cinnamon on top – the slow-release of energy you’ll get from the porridge will keep you feeling full, whilst the vitamins and nutrients in the honey, seeds and spice will nourish you as well as tasting divine

  • Granola or muesli with chopped fruit

  • Cured meats or veggie sausages, bread, fruit


A good breakfast is vital but pack a snack for mid-morning to keep your energy levels up on the slopes. Opt for a carbohydrate and some protein, as these have been proven to help repair damaged muscle during skiing.

These nourishing snacks are ideal:

  • Half a peanut butter sandwich (wrap up well and stash in your pockets)

  • Banana & some nuts

  • Nutty snack bar

  • Dried fruit

You also need to ensure you stay well hydrated. The combination of high altitude, cold temperatures and arduous exercise can wreak havoc on your body if you do not stay well hydrated, so make sure you stop frequently for water. Carry your water bottle with you at all times.

Lunch time

After an intense morning of skiing, you’ll be hungry for lunch and it’s an important time to refuel with foods that satisfy the hunger, fill you up without bloating you and help repair those well used muscles.

Lots of people opt for fried foods on the mountain, which can be tempting but if you want to really refuel your ski body properly, then go for a balanced meal, containing carbohydrate, healthy fat and lean protein.

Here are some healthy and balanced skier’s lunch ideas:

  • Soup & buttered bread – chicken, tomato, pumpkin and leek and potatoare all warming soup flavours that will nourish your tired body. Pair soup with a crusty baguette to up the valuable carbs and enjoy each last morsel of that warming fuel.

  • Pasta with tuna and plenty of salad

  • Turkey or chicken sandwich – add some avocado for extra dose of healthy fat

  • Chilli and baked potato

  • Cheese, tomato & ham toastie / panini

  • Kidney bean salad with potato

If you’re not convinced by the value of nutritious fayre, go for a plate of fries and a few beers with lunch and watch how your energy levels deplete in the afternoon; you’ll find yourself less and less motivated to complete each run as the day wears on.

Dinner time & Après-ski

When your day is done, and you are worn out but elated, it’s time to leave the slopes till the morning and pack in those precious calories to replenish your energy levels as you rest and let your body recover from the day.

You’ll want to try the local eateries and sample celebrated local dishes and wines – the locals will always know the best foods your body needs up the mountain. By all means have the steak, enjoy the fondue, the raclette and try those mouth-watering stews.

Wherever your skiing takes you, you should find plenty of delectable places to eat or good food to cook at home with, so explore it all if you can. You will probably find nationally renowned pizzerias, steak houses that offer and alpine brasseries that serve the best poutine outside of Canada.

Après-ski culture is such a big part of skiing so don’t miss out, head out to dinner or invite friends to your ski home and have a feast.

Fuelling your tired body after a gruelling day on the slopes is so important, and if you know you have a really delicious three course feast to look forward to, it makes it more tolerable to leave those beloved ski slopes behind till morning.

Here are some delicious and traditional ski dinner ideas that will fuel your ski body and make your taste buds happy too:

  • Creamy risotto (chicken, goats’ cheese, leeks, parmesan, red wine, pesto – the list of things you can make it out of is endless)

  • Beef stew (slow cooked)

  • Steak and sweet potato fries with Italian green beans (stewed in garlic and tomatoes)

  • Lobster Mac n cheese with truffle oil and mushrooms

  • French onion soup and crusty bread

  • Chicken noodle soup

  • Coq au vin

  • Lasagne or stone baked pizza with salad

  • Pot roast with plenty of chunky vegetables

All of these dishes go best with a really good wine so make sure you ask at the restaurant which are the recommended wines or find yourself a great wine supplier near your new ski property! If for example you’re buying property in Argentina, then try one of the famous Mendoza wine tours and discover your favourite amongst their delectable Malbec’s. If you’re buying a home in popular French resort Megeve, you need to get familiar with the incredible Haut Savoie food and drink. Sip on a glass of Les Perles de Mont Blanc whilst taking in a panoramic view of this champagne’s namesake mountain from your own ski property in Megeve – well that’s the very definition of living the dream.

Bear in mind of course that alcohol consumption must be in moderation, especially at such high altitude. A hangover at 3000m is a brutal experience and excess will also impair your performance on the slopes!

Eating incredible food in the mountains is part of the experience but remember the importance of nutritious and balanced meals while your body is undergoing hard physical activity.

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