What does ski property mean to you?

Ski properties

Owning a ski property can mean many things. For some it's simply a great investment, for others it’s a way of having easy access to the sports they love. As well as these practical elements, owning ski property is a door to all the things that bring life colour and verve, and that’s something we all need to be reminded of during these challenging months. 

Somewhere to be together

    • It’s a place to unwind Clear air, beauty, silence. Time to step back from the stress and noise of the day to day. 
    • It’s a place to enjoy the very best quality time with our families and friendsA space to be. A space to reminisce and most importantly a place to laugh together after an exhilarating day. 
    • It’s a place to have funWhether it’s the winter fun of the slopes and apres ski, the exhilaration of a stunning mountain bike route in summer, or a leisurely hike in the fresh air or the joy of just being together, owning a ski property is the hub for fun, freedom and escapism.

We all need some positive thoughts at the moment. Planning ahead and dreaming of happy times together, that thrill of mastering a challenging run and the sheer beauty of the mountains is a good place to start. 

Fresh air, exercise and more than a bit of an adrenaline rush

Our article on ‘happiness anchors’ is all about lifelong memories, Remember that powder day skiing with your kids when the snow was so deep no one could stop laughing? Or the mountain-bike ride racing a rainstorm home? Or roasting marshmallows and the sticks caught on fire?

It seems that everyone does. And no matter how seemingly insignificant at the time, those shared memories have made people’s lives better. 

When we are able to travel again, a ski property for the family and friends can be a great starting place for so many positive reasons.

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