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What non-skiing activities are influencing property buyers?

Did you know there’s actually heaps of activities available on a ski resort that don’t involve pulling on snow boots? Boarding and skiing are typically the main attractions of snowy mountain towns and resorts, but many of them are also bountiful in culture and dual-season activities.

Property expert Savills reported just last year that, “buyers are prioritising dual-seasonality offerings when purchasing a ski property, and resorts have taken note.”

If you’re looking to invest in a ski property or buy a holiday home to visit in peak season, investing in a home nearby a resort with non-skiing activities could prove more beneficial to you in the long term, as it’s more appealing to prospective renters year-round.

Some resorts are better than others in terms of what they offer. In fact, there’s a whole host of resorts that open in summer and offer non-snow-related activities

From mountain biking to husky sledging and music festivals, there’s so much to choose from. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best activities available at some of our favourite resorts.

Trail running and mountaineering in Chamonix, France

This French resort boasts lots of activities besides snowboarding and skiing. For example, in winter you can try trail running, hiking, mountaineering and snowshoeing.

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Spa facilities in St Moritz, Switzerland

It is technically a ski town, but the residents and tourists of St Moriz would take a while to notice if skiing wasn’t an option, as the bustling area has so much more to offer. Its spa facilities are next to none, with mineral and mud baths available in hotels, which are often packaged with an afternoon tea for two.

Wallis, Switzerland

Unconventional winter sports in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Cortina in Italy is a popular spot for buyers who enjoy city life but love the luxury of a ski resort. Besides skiing, there are lots of winter activities to participate in, including ice skating (on a 50s-style ice rink), hiking and snowshoeing. If you’re looking to venture out, there’s also snowmobile safari tours and snow-kiting available.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

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Mountain biking in Val d’Isére, France

Despite being one of the world’s most popular ski resorts, Val d’Isére is a top location for mountain and trail biking. It has 14 mountain biking trails – three of them specially designed for e-bikes. There’s also an impressive park that provides 160km of trails to any budding cyclist.

Val d’Isére, France

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Wellness experiences in Kitzbuhel, Austria

Kitzbuhel is a super glitzy ski resort and has a lively town centre full of colourful sights, upmarket boutiques and restaurants. However, what comes out on top is wellness. There’s plenty of spas to choose from in the area, where you can enjoy the warmth of a heated pool while looking out at the mountains. Notably, the Black Spa at the Hotel Schwarzer boasts the biggest rooftop pool in the Alps – perfect if you want to get your laps in before supper.

Tirol, near Kitzbuhel, Austria

Hopefully, this has given you an insight into the wonderful activities available at European ski resorts. It’s no wonder buyers are prioritizing dual-season resorts when there’s so much on offer. Great for investment purposes and the non-skiers among us.