Apr 25, 2020 / INVESTMENT / BUYING

Why reduced price ski property is such a smart investment

This seems like an obvious question, with an even more obvious answer - the lure of a bargain has strong appeal. The reality is that reduced price ski properties are often overlooked in favour of the sleek new builds springing up in some of the world’s best loved resorts but, with a bit of expert guidance, you could find that choosing a reduced price property is a sound investment and a gateway to finding your perfect home in the mountains.

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Traditional, individual style

How do investors benefit from choosing a reduced price ski property?

As well as the immediate financial appeal of buying a ski property at a reduced rate, investors will see long term benefits. Reduced price properties are often in established areas, and have the advantage of being an established business. This means they’ve been in the hands of experienced owners, who will have done a lot of groundwork for you. Things like making sure there’s a good stock of games and books to keep guests entertained, and making sure the property has all the little details that encourage repeat custom work alongside more solid aspects like having an established and star rated listing in a rental portal. Having a good reputation, and the luxury of loyal guests gives you a head start in building your rental income. 

Chance to invest in a developing area

Opting for a reduced price ski property may mean you've a chance to invest in an up and coming area - somewhere without the cachet of the big name resorts (yet) but with planned investment and solid potential for growth in popularity. A reduced rate means you can enjoy seeing your investment grow, without as high an outlay. 

How do second home seekers benefit from a reduced price ski property?

Choosing a reduced price property often means choosing something different and possibly looking at older properties, which can have distinct advantages If you’re looking for somewhere to establish as a place you return to year after year. You’re more likely to be in more established area of your chosen village, and so there’s a greater chance of being able to be part of a community, which can be ideal if you hope to enjoy a long term base. If you’re looking for something a little different than a shiny new build then opting for a pre-owned property means you can discover something with a bit of quirky style, and somewhere that you can make your own. 

Chance to make your own mark

A reduced price means you may buy below your budget which means you can really maximize your investment. This could be something like tweaking the properties facilities to be just as you like them, or a bigger project like taking advantage of additional planning permissions for an extra ski cottage, or a smart outdoor pool area. Spending less at the outset gives any buyer more flexibility to create their own vision of a dream ski property.

Well designed spaces with added home comforts

Property alerts

Reduced properties are uploaded to our site regularly and to make sure we've created a property alert service so you can get a first look at your perfect ski property. You can specify the country you’re interested in, minimum and maximum price as well as details like the number of bedrooms. It’s a fuss free way of making sure you never miss out, and of seeing some of the outstanding value offered by our reduced price ski properties.

In light of the current global challenges, we’ve also put together some thoughts on how to continue your property hunt during Covid-19. We also offer a wide range of investment guides.