Mar 07, 2019 / AUSTRIA

St Lambrecht Property Investment Guide

Located in the Murtal region of Austria, St Lambrecht is a luxurious resort with a warm heart, plenty of skiing opportunities and a wide array of restaurants, boutiques and fun activities for all the family. The magnificent mountainous region has a wealth of skiing chalets nestled into the landscape and a variety of ski slope options for all abilities. St Lambrecht is a popular location for ski races and has a carousel and baby lift to help little ones learn and improve their skiing.

With its impressive chalets and wide array of activities, St Lambrecht would make a wonderful location to live or for a holiday home as the welcoming locals are always happy to see new faces.

Living in St Lambrecht

St Lambrecht is home to a wide selection of adrenaline fuelled sports, from skiing and snowboarding to ice driving, but there's also relaxing activities on offer, which include hiking and spa trips.

For families and non-skiers, local attractions include a selection of play parks and theme parks, suitable for a variety of ages. The Seppenbaeur Automuseum is an entertaining afternoon away from the snow, while the Kloster St Lambrecht will give you an insight into local history and culture.

For sport lovers who don't ski, try paragliding, snowboarding and other fantastic snow sports. You could also hop on the Murtalbahn railway for views of the fantastic mountains without putting on a pair of skis. It's a great option for those with a young family looking for an alternative day out.

The ski slopes include a wide range of beginner and intermediate trails, which are suitable for first-timers and intermediate skiers alike. There are 18 slopes in total and 8 ski lifts with 2 valley ski runs. There are two cross country ski runs, the classical and the skating runs, both of which are 20km in length.

During the peak season weather on the slopes varies between -7 and 2°C with an average snow depth of approximately 120cm on the piste and 50cm on the slopes. On a day with these conditions all of the slopes are usually open although some ski lifts may be shut. For updated snow and weather reports, take a look at our resort guide here.

Things To Do in St Lambrecht

As well as the obvious ski slopes, there are plenty of great things to do and places to explore in St Lambrecht. Here are some of our favourite things to do while in the St Lambrecht area.

Golfclub Muraut - Get the competitive types together and try your hand at some golf at the fantastic courses of Golfclub Muraut, surrounded by the natural beauty of the region. Take a break from skiing or make the most of a trip to St Lambrecht in the off season.

Perfect for families and big groups, the Hochseilgarten Oberwolz is a forest playground with a huge range of outdoor activities. From swinging through alpine trees to high rope courses, this is a fantastic place to test your bravery and show off your strength.

With a wide range of amazing treks, unbelievable views and a nature reserve, you can get close to the local wildlife while hiking through the ancient woodland of Naturpark Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen. It's a great place to hike while feeling safe on the well cared for trails.

The local villages and towns have a fantastic range of cafes, restaurants and bars. Taste local specialities such as Goulash which is of Hungarian origin but is a popular dish in this region. Make the most of wonderful ingredients such as traditional sausage and fantastic pastries for a truly Austrian dining experience. From pizzerias to quaint Austrian restaurants that have been family owned for generations, these lovely eateries are far from the chain restaurants of many cities.

Investment Potential in St Lambrecht

Buying a property in the St Lambrecht area is a fantastic opportunity to own a home close to some of the best skiing and hiking terrain in Europe and with house prices increasing, it could be a wonderful investment for the future.

Examples of recent investment in St Lambrecht include the Mountain Resort which includes 22 apartments developments which will sell from €388,000 a piece in the coming months. This popular Austrian location has some beautiful, truly traditional chalets offering the best location for skiing or just enjoying all that the local area has to offer.

Transport to St Lambrecht

Flights to St Lambrecht are available from many international airports. Grebenzen airport is close to the centre of St Lambrecht and is one of the easiest airports to travel to St Lambrecht from.

Grebenzen Station also offers great rail connections to the area from a variety of locations. Travelling by rail will give you panoramic views of the area as you arrive, and it is a means of travel to the area that many repeat visitors enjoy.

For avid skiers, travelling by car is often the best option as there are no limits on the amount of specialist equipment you can bring. The roads around St Lambrecht offer interesting driving but they are usually very accessible - just make sure to keep an eye on the local snow and weather reports.

During the peak season weather on the slopes varies between -7 and 2°C with an average snow depth of approximately 120cm on the piste and 50cm on the slopes. On a day with these conditions all of the slopes are usually open although some ski lifts may be shut.