Dec 07, 2018 / AUSTRIA

Wagrain Property Investment Guide

Wagrain is a traditional Austrian market town situated in a picturesque high valley, which stretches from Sankt Johann to the Salzach. While it’s primarily known as a ski resort, both visitors and residents regularly enjoy the stunning views, quaint architecture and homely feel of one of Salzburg’s prettiest settlements. It’s easy to see why so many UK visitors make their way to Wagrain – not just to enjoy some winter sports, but to relax and unwind among beautiful surroundings.

The winter season in Wagrain typically starts at the beginning of December and can last until the end of April - dependent on snow cover. Wagrain has been enjoyed as a ski resort since the end of the second World War and attracts increasing levels of international visitors on an annual basis. This makes the upcoming winter season the ideal time to look into buying a property in Wagrain. Apartments and chalets tend to sell for anywhere between €299,000 and €645,000, and there are several recently renovated hotel complexes in the area.

Outside of property, there are investment plans to connect Wagrain with the Flauchauwinkl-Kleinarl ski resort 12 miles away during an ambitious project which currently looks set to see some €50 million of infrastructure investment flood into the area. Three new ski lifts are already earmarked for construction.

Living in Wagrain and things to do

Wagrain is currently home to approximately 3,100 permanent residents. The resort is typically at its busiest during the winter season, with holidaymakers enjoying the winter sporting facilities and perfect skiing conditions available. However, once the snow has subsided, there are still plenty of things to do for people of all ages.

Wagrain is home to an outdoor swimming pool and leisure facility, stunning churches and plenty of shops. There’s also plenty of ways to enjoy the beauty of nature as the valley naturally lends itself to some relaxing walks, where hikers can expect to witness all sorts of wildlife in its true habitat. During inclement weather, climbers can enjoy scaling an indoor rock face, while those who want to experience some culture can take in some fantastic portrait work in the Flachau Tourismus gallery.

With a tall summit measuring 2000 metres, there’s no shortage of snow on any of the 64 runs the resort has to offer, with the snow report for Wagrain typically showing great skiing conditions. Many of these runs are geared towards experienced skiers, with the longest expert run lasting 10 kilometres. These runs are served by a total of 43 ski lifts.

Wagrain and culture

For those who want to find out more about the history of the town, Wagrain’s museum offers an insight into the formation of the settlement and the heritage of the area. This provides visitors with a chance to learn about what life in Wagrain was like prior to it becoming a world-renowned ski resort.

There are plenty of things to do in Wagrain, and the wider state of Salzburg is home to lots of other small market towns which share a similar heritage but also offer a unique and refreshing chance to enjoy shopping, dining and culture. For further information, check out our Wagrain resort guide.

Investment potential in Wagrain

Wagrain is currently thriving thanks to its popularity among experienced winter sports enthusiasts. One of the key investment areas for Wagrain is property. The resort is home to a variety of lodges, hotels and luxury ski apartments, and demand for each of these is incredibly high during peak season.

Because Wagrain has such a rich cultural history, demand for accommodation is also high during off-peak times, so there is always the potential for return on investment during the summer months. Retail and culinary outlets are always popular among holidaymakers, and there’s great scope for investing in these too.

A recent programme to link Wagrain by cable car to two other resorts has resulted in €50 million of investment, and work is expected to begin on these by 2019. Reservoir facilities are also expected to improve as a result of this investment, which will contribute to improved snowmaking.

Transport to Wagrain

Getting to the resort is quite easy. The closest airport is Salzburg, which is approximately one hour’s transfer away, weather permitting. Innsbruck airport is equidistant from Wagrain, with transfers taking approximately the same amount of time.

During dry periods, it can take significantly less to reach the destination from Salzburg airport, although visitors should be advised that during blizzard conditions it can take significantly longer to reach Wagrain by car or bus. During poor weather conditions, which you can avoid by ensuring to check the Wagrain weather report before travelling, it can be advisable to take the train direct from Salzburg. Three trains run this route on a daily basis.

With fantastic transport links, a close-knit friendly community and incredible sporting facilities, it’s easy to see why buying property in Wagrain is such a good investment. With renewed infrastructure greenlit for the next few years, there’s never been a better time to consider it.