May 08, 2019 / ITALY

Weissmatten Property Investment Guide

Riven with inky firs that line crisp mountains and complex veins of lakes, the charming town of Gressony Saint Jean that is home to the resort of Weissmatten makes an excellent investment for the discerning skier.

Set within the Monte Rosa ski resort area of Alpine Italy, despite its Germanic name, Weissmatten is a picturesque and French-influenced part of the Italian Alps with an evergreen population of just around 800 inhabitants. In winter it offers some seriously good skiing with just about every type of snow sports to enjoy, while in summer it offers unparalleled lush green fields full of dairy cows and wildflowers. Imposing and mesmerising, a visit to Weissmatten ensures you are never far away from some breath-taking views, cool crisp air and that sense of open wonderment inspired by mountains.

Unlike some of the busier resorts, Weissmatten is the perfect complement to the family skier or those who also like to be at one with nature. A sophisticated resort, it is reasonably new and has been purpose-built to accommodate the holiday skier. A variety of courses offer intermediate to challenging slopes, or if you have young children the snow park can be a good place to cut some moves.

Living in Weissmatten and Things To Do

The hills really come to life with hundreds of additional visitors throughout the ski season and its variety of slopes offer the full range of snow sports for all age ranges and mixed abilities. Tobogganing, skiing and snowboarding can all be enjoyed and there is a delightful selection of bars and restaurants to keep you entertained. It errs on the side of tranquil and does not have a wide range of evening activities on offer. That said, there are plenty of childcare opportunities for parents wishing to go out for a child-free meal or relaxed drink.

The slopes are varied and there is no shortage of cross country opportunities across the 12km of courses. Around Weissmatten, there are thick woodlands, giving the more advanced skier plenty of opportunity to practice weaving in and out. Some other resorts may have more to offer in terms of shopping or the livelier après-ski scene, but there is still myriad attractions, and the pastoral, peaceful local traditions and history to discover.

There is still a sports centre, several shops, and some charming restaurants and museums, but the real beauty of these places is in the calming nature of their out of season ambience and friendly nature of the local people.

As well as some competitive routes such as the black slope and "Leonardo David" - a challenging slope favoured by the expert skier in Montarosa - it boasts a 25 km circular route for cross country skiing. Those wishing to eat must not miss Chneffléné, traditional gnocchi of the area.

A visit to this area would not be complete without taking a trip to nearby Estoul, located on the Monte Rosa. Skiers and boarders can benefit from a 16 km stretch of slopes with a robust lift system and slopes largely favoured by intermediate skiers. Quieter than Weissmatten and with a larger area, this can be a great place for a change of scenery!

Leisure and Culture in Weissmatten

This quaint Italian village is best loved by avid seekers of the snow, but that's not to say it can't be enjoyed year-round for its gentle and calming nature, lush pastures, mountain lakes and forest hikes. Whilst it is magical under the snow, there's something equally eye-popping when all the wildflowers stretch up in the summer months and its low population can enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature.

The locale has an interesting linguistic makeup, which is influenced by French, German and Italian and traditionally people speak an Albanian dialect, Greschòneytitsch, sometimes simply called Titsch. Many people in the territory of Gressoney-Saint-Jean speak a bit of the Francoprovenzale valdostano dialect, or Piedmontese, since it is nestled within the varied regions of Italy. This makes for an interesting culinary and cultural fusion that is delivered by a friendly and accommodating people. Buying a property in Weissmatten is a smart choice for the nature-loving skier.

Investment Opportunities in Weissmatten

This is a very up and coming area which has been purpose-built specifically to provide a relaxed ski holiday with a range of winter sports. There are two main ski lifts which have recently seen some investment from the government to bring families to the area and it is a good choice for buying a property with a range of accommodation available.

Weather Conditions in Weissmatten

Weissmatten enjoys an Alpine climate with decent levels of sunshine, and temperatures of -3.1 to about 10.2 can be seen throughout the December to April season. The resort sees mostly blue-sky days with some powdery snowfall from the end of November through to April. February can see very high snowfall, but the other months see 3 or 4 days per week of snow. Up to 25cm of snow falls, so you are almost certain to see fresh snow throughout your stay, but you can check the latest weather and snow reports for Weissmatten with our resort guide here.

Transport to Weissmatten

Situated in the Lys Valley, the resorts at Gressoney are fairly accessible. The closest airport is Turin, which is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes away. Both Milan and Geneva are within easy reach also (2 and 3 hours, respectively).

The area boasts many car hire and airport transfer options. Alternatively, those with heavy equipment often opt to drive from Calais through France and then through the Mont Blanc tunnel, which is delightful as it takes in the Aosta Valley. This route takes approximately 10 hours.