Dec 07, 2018 / AUSTRIA

Zell Am See Property Investment Guide

A centuries-old market town nestled at the base of the picturesque and beautiful Schmittenhöhe mountain, there's something extraordinary about Zell Am See - from its proximity to the frosted heights of the nearby peaks to its stunning view over Zell lake. For visitors, there's much to do and see in and around the town, making it the perfect resort location for many, with an unbeatable sense of community.

From sightseers to professional skiers, Zell Am See is a highly popular location for anyone who loves to experience the winters of Austria. It even offers close proximity to a unique and fascinating attraction, the Kitzsteinhorn glacier, with mountaineering and hiking also available in and around the countryside throughout the ski season, and for the rest of the year too.

Offering the classic vibe of a long-running and well-established town along with the resort-style features of a more modern location, Zell Am See combines everything visitors need to ensure it's a favourite. Families and couples often return time and time again to enjoy the sights, sounds and slopes surrounding this unique environment. As such, buying a property in Zell Am See is more than just a one-time benefit, it's a lifetime of excitement.

Living in Zell Am See

Already a well-established go-to location for skiing, mountaineering, sightseeing and more, the town boasts a modest population of just under 10,000, further lending to the communal feel of the place. But it still has enough going for it to make it an enjoyable and practical location to visit for long weekends, ski tours or even extended holidays. As one of Austria's most beautiful resorts, it's a favourite spot that locals and international visitors alike flock to.

Thanks to this popularity, new work is always underway to make Zell Am See an even more impressive and attractive location. This includes the introduction of a brand-new 10-person cable car introduced for the 2017 season, the Zell Am See Xpress, and other works planned to help improve the town and surrounding area over time.

Culture and lifestyle in Zell Am See

Whether you're a fan of extreme snow sports or you prefer a slower pace of life, this scenic town caters for just about any lifestyle. Multiple ski pistes lead directly from the mountain into the town, and the beautiful Lake Zell is as accessible as the mountain itself, providing many varied things to do and experience.

As a historic town, there's a lot of charm in and around Zell Am See to experience, with the name of the resort town originating as far back as 1810. This makes the town itself the perfect mix of old and new, with modern buildings rubbing shoulders with hundred-year-old church spires for a perfect blend of luxury and classic design. There are many things to do in Zell Am See, especially if you're a fan of exploration.

Why choose Zell Am See?

A beautiful, scenic location that's highly desirable, there's very little reason not to pick Zell Am See, especially considering its consistent popularity with locals and international visitors alike. Thanks to the lake and surrounding country, the town isn't just a number one destination during the ski months and makes for an excellent holiday destination all year round.

Unlike many of the resorts in Austria, Zell Am See maintains its sense of historical design and a classic retreat, without sacrificing on all the amenities you might want from a ski holiday. Restaurants, cafes, stores and even more luxurious services are all available for those who prefer that lifestyle, while nature and historical elements remain for the more outdoorsy types.

Weather in Zell Am See

The snow report Zell Am See is quite consistent. The weather report Zell Am See is also reliable, with the standard ski season running from November-June, and occasionally lasting a few months longer. This makes it the ideal choice for at least 8 months of the year if you feel like hitting the snow and making the most of Zell Am See's numerous pistes and slope.

Zell Am See's snowfall per year averages between 60-80cm, but to keep track, our live updates can provide all you need. There are also over 60 snow cannons that can be utilised along the piste to supplement the snowfall, for perfect conditions throughout the skiing season.

Transport to Zell Am See

Thanks to Zell Am See featuring as a year-round tourist attraction for Austria, this town is well-connected - with excellent railway links that have existed for over a hundred years and continue to serve the region well to this day. For international visitors, it's possible to fly to Salzburg airport, which is only 80km away from the resort, making it ideal for more extended visits and holidays but equally possible for short stays.

For touring visits, the routes to Zell Am See are easy to follow, with everything in the Zell am See-Kaprun region available via motorway and main traffic routes that are signposted for practical travel. Depending on the time of year, coaches or shuttles may also be available.