Italy: The Investor’s Paradise

When you think of skiing and buying ski property in Europe, the obvious choices might seem like France, Austria and Switzerland. With the countries’ massively famous ski areas and the sheer amount of property, it’s not hard to see why they’re popular destinations.

However, overlooking Italy would be a mistake. When it comes to variety of choice, location, ski conditions and culture, Italy is indeed an absolute paradise, for investors and visitors alike.

Italy is a country that lives and breathes elegance, history and culture. You will find a rich community spirit, a strong sense of national pride, mouth-watering cuisine and breath-taking architecture… And we haven’t even mentioned the country’s stunning natural landscapes yet.

A gorgeous country to invest your time

When it comes to the variety of choice, location, ski conditions and culture, Italy is indeed an absolute paradise, for investors and visitors alike. Around three quarters of the whole of Italy consists of mountainous terrain, so wherever you are in the country, its majestic snow-capped peaks will be somewhere in sight.

With 293 ski resorts servicing a total of 5866km of ski slopes across Italy, there is plenty of choice available. The two main ski areas are the Dolomites Superski area and the aptly named Milky Way. The villages surrounding these mountains are picturesque, friendly and full of charm, and there are so many areas to consider when you’re looking at ski property investment in these locations.

Stunning sights all year round

Another massive draw for investors in Italian ski property is the beauty of the country’s dual seasonality. There is plenty to explore all year round, which makes Italy is such a win-win!

The mountains provide a gorgeous and cooling escape from the summer heat while the winter offers outstanding snow conditions to attract ski tourism. Spring and Autumn offer their own delights too; from enjoying the northern Lakes of Como and Maggiore to hiking at lower altitudes in more manageable temperatures.

Our partners at ECSM Properties confirmed this by telling us that “during the summer months the Dolomites area of Italy is home to a number of international sporting events (Cycling, Marathon, Golf, Fishing, Rock climbing, Paragliding, Motorbike show, Antique car show, Triathlon, etc) and there are many other traditional festivals, exhibitions, children and family orientated activities where one can enjoy and appreciate the surrounding nature, this beautiful UNESCO heritage site.

If somebody would ask me to choose between being in the Dolomites in summer or winter, I would be hard pushed for an answer, it’s just as beautiful and enjoyable to be there all year round, not to mention the pride and joy of owning a home in the Dolomites.”

Italy’s top locations

So, what are the country’s best skiing spots? Well, surrounding the main ski areas you’ll find all the hidden gem villages, the family-friendly areas, the party towns, the gourmet paradise towns and everything else in between.

There is a thriving après-ski scene in many of the resorts but also a strong family-friendly vibe – a combination which is very much representative of Italian culture. You can even find buy ski property in Sicily if you fancy skiing on the Mount Etna volcano!

The north of Italy is definitely the most popular part of the country for investors and tourists as it’s where you’ll find the best slopes. But, as property prices have crept up in the main areas, it can be a good idea to look a little out of that popular ‘catchment area’, as there are plenty of incredible properties in lovely places at much more affordable prices. It’s really worth doing the research.

To start, work out you are looking for in and around your ski property. Do you wish to rent it out to holidaymakers? Are you looking for a family home or an accessible ski-in, ski-out apartment? Do you want to live in an area with a lively nightlife or a peaceful mountain village?

Take a look at this luxurious 2 bed, 2 bath apartment just a stone’s throw from the ski lifts at Arabba, Dolomites, available for under €450K.

The affordability of Italian ski property in comparison with property near the big resorts in France, Austria and Switzerland makes Italy such an exciting prospect for investors.

Discover the property of your dreams

We have many investment and lifestyle opportunities across Italy, covering sought after resorts like Alta Badia, Arabba, Palafavera, Ritten and many more. You can browse exclusive apartments in exciting new developments to luxury 5-bed chalets and even hotels.

If you have the desire to change your life and surround yourself with magnificent scenery, outstanding culture and impeccable ski conditions, then Italy makes for a stunning choice. The ski resorts in Italy are world-class – as is the food! – so investing in a property there is a no-brainer.

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